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Biden is a white hat, obviously.

You people are fucking braindead.

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This is by far the most retarded nonsense i have ever read in my life.

And it got stickied.

Milk and meat are the healthiest most valuable foods on the planet.

You fucking morons.

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These spineless cowards are now proposing to replace tanks that other nato countries send to ukraine. My government is just a pathetic as yours.

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It's pretty easy to upload some shit without getting caught.

Just ask the movie, music or gaming industry.

Why didn't it happen already?

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"I hope @Wikileaks will release the Hunter Biden data with context before the midterms in November."

Sounds like he is already backing down.

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Shit, this guy is legendary and my favorite criminal.

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Your arguments are retarded.

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Because the russians don't bomb the shit out of every city like a certain other nation.

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My colleague just dropped to the floor this morning.

He is fine but said it happenend several times in the last weeks.

He was the first in line to get vaxxed.

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I will cry tears of joy the day this evil fucking cunt dies.

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Same here.

It is frustrating but i also feel battle-hardened.

This time i am opposing their bullshit from day 1.

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Do we really believe that there is no way to hide a monitoring device other then a giant clump on your foot?

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Here is a channel that's russian/english:


This is a german girl living in Donbass, currently its russian/german but i think she is working on a english translation:


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For your information, Baerbock is even dumber then AOC. Really.

Greetings from germany.

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Zelensky has asked the ukrainian civilians to use molotov cocktails on russian solders.

Zelensky has prohibited all civilian males 16+ to leave ukraine and ordered them to fight.

Zelensky released 18.000 weapons into the civilian population which led to shootings, looting and murder amongst the people.

Zelensky is positioning heavy military gear (rocket launchers, artillery) in densely habbitated areas to provoke civilian casualities to blame on the russians.

All pictures of Zelensky in military gear, supposedly fighting, are from april 2021. He is probably in Berlin sucking on Merkels saggy tits.

Zelensky is torturing and killing russian ukrainians.

Zelensky is a puppet for YOUR corrupt regime.

Everything he does intends to kill as many ukrainians as possible.

Zelensky is a jew.

This is not a white hat.

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Are people waking up?

We are having a lot of protests since months.

However i didn't notice any changes in my real life (i'm the only unvaxxed person i know).

But the lies about russia are so blatant that even my triple vacced colleague complained about people believing anything media tells them (his brother's wife is russian, that probably was helpfull).

Another advantage is that we have a lot of russians living in germany and they know exactly what's going on.

One of the major issues is that people are manipulated into NOT discussing these topics because of the divide and hate created by the potilticians and media.

This is a huge obstacle that i experienced myself.

It is not easy talking "friendly" about hot topics when you think the other person is a moron ;-)

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There was already a reaction from the "Paul Ehrlich Institut" who is supposed to collect and monitor the reports about side effects in the first place.

They did 2 things: 1.) They discredited the data from the insurance company without further explanation. 2.) They discredited the insurance company itself by suggesting they would be trying to appeal to a certain group of people (anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists).

Then suddenly there was war, literally on the next day.

The lies are insane. Our biggest newspaper Bild has used videos from completely unrelated events (explosions in china, gas explosions in russia) and relabeled them as russian attacks on ukraine civilians. They got caught and apologized for accidentally using old footage (not adressing the made-up stories they told while showing these videos) but it quickly got burried.

In spain they used footage from a video game and claimed russians would bomb a ukrain village.

This is so crazy that i really hope it's the last straw before it's over.

Greetings from germany.

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