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If you listen to the original, the female, (not the drag queen), brags about spending a year in Isreal, Palestine. She didn't know which country she was actually in. 😳

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They been doing that for a long time already. Lookup national archives Blackhurst White House D.C.

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Did anyone notice that all these protests didn't really kick off until it was shown that certain NGO's were trafficking? Deflection, distraction.

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But it was a video, not a picture. And huh, isn't there another video out there of the sacred halls of congress being used as sex den?

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I don't know where you got that, but it's funny!

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When does a bird sing? An hour before dawn. Also when it's caged with no way out. BTW, all the birds sing an hour before dawn, question is, when will we reach that hour? There are a lot of whistle blowers at the moment, but personally, I think we haven't seen anything yet. Hold the Line...stand your ground..and pray.

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I started my Q journey in July 2018. Been down so many rabbit holes that I've lost count. I lurk here mostly, never been one to converse much, but I do love reading and researching. I immigrated here from Voat. Does anyone remember Voat? Sometimes I miss that site, there was always so much going on, lol. Blessed and Holy Easter to all of You, my frens. P.S. We don't need an election to get DJT back in the Presidental Seat, God can put him there whenever God chooses to.

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He's talking about the Cancer Moonshot Statement that Joe Biden made August 23, 2023. He's mocking Joe.

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I believe it is part of the reason they used covid to shut the country down, so that they could import these illegal immigrants and the common American would be none the wiser until all hell breaks loose.

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I've known this for over a year as I used to work at an airport parking booth. They would walk around the grounds between flights. All dressed the same and all the ones I saw were military aged men. No women or children anywhere with any of them.

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