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The same thing happened to me--I was in 1st grade and ran home, it was over a mile. Just released into the wild to find our way home on a terrible day--and we all made it home. We were given more independence then, and had more freedoms--but with that came responsibility: to get home before dark, find a garden hose for water, not get hit by cars as we rode bikes everywhere (without helmets), etc. We made decisions at an early age and learned, and became more responsible.

It was a very good time.

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I'm tearing up a bit as I read this....I am older and if I imagine myself in this woman's place, I would be so grateful and blessed!

You did a really good thing!! I hope you know how special you are for caring about someone like you did.

Well done!** Blessings!**

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I get it..smile and speak from the heart--that always helps. We are all rooting for you and I will pray that it is a nice meeting for you both!

Let us know.....

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Cringe... being kind is always the right thing to do and your reasons for this are so thoughtful. You are doing this out of a gracious and generous spirit.

Thank you!!!

You will be surprised at what this does for you in return....blessings to you.

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Well, I sure hope this is a LARP, hoax, or whatever--this guy gives off some creepy vibes.

He is saying we are headed for global military rule and no democracy. Chi and Putin are already lifelong rulers and are in on this. What? I thought we were fighting against global rule? What about MAGA? Military rule, no thanks.

However, if you read Revelation this would fit nicely--biblically perhaps, with end-time prophecy--and folks it is not hopeful for humanity.

This is eye-opening for me--if this is the direction, I'm not going.

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Hugs right back. My Momma's heart breaks for you--but I know God will be strong on the kids behalf and comfort you. I will continue to pray.....

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I am so sorry for your heartache. I will pray that your heart will be comforted and God will bring about His best situation for your grandchildren. May the courts be moved by the mighty hand of God to protect and provide safety for the children. May God bring healing to your broken daughter .

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Well worth the time to listen. Clear and honest. He identifies the utter evil running amok in our country/government, and talks about the need for truth.

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prayed and will continue...

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Thank you, friend :). The losses (and I think we all have a list of losses) have only made me kinder and hopefully more able to relate to people around me. My faith keeps me both grounded and focused on God and people.

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I was not contradicting you at all and I apologize if my comment came off that way.

While there have been questionable fires in the area for years, (I lost my own home due to one in 2007), I also know these fires have been going on during Santa Ana conditions since the 1960's. Arson? perhaps...sad to know that someone would deliberately start a fire.

The link is in my comments--cal fire incidents report on the fire .

Thanks for allowing me to clarify

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Highland Fire in Aguangua, CA above Temecula. https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents/2023/10/30/highland-fire

I know this area -- sparsely populated, high desert climate, marijuana and meth labs rumored in the area. No surprise there is a fire, Santa Ana winds, dry, high heat -- very, very typical for this area during this time of year.. *see link to Cal Fire Incident

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Thank you Brother for this post/information. My heart breaks for the Palestinian people and all caught in the political mess of this. We pray for Palestine and Israel.

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tragic, but true here in CA. I'm shocked at the number of teachers who follow along with the gay stuff and promote it.
It reminds me of the number of people who accept the green agenda and electric cars without thinking for themselves.


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No, please do not generalize this.

I have been a high school science teacher for 30 years. I've had my life threatened by a student for no reason. I've had students leave empty bottles of alcohol in my class. I've been yelled at by students and parents.

I have also had parents tell me how thankful they are for my work. I've had numerous students contact me after graduating and tell me that I made a difference.

I've seen teachers body slam students. I've seen teachers drink on the job. I've heard teachers berate students and verbally tell them they are stupid and worthless.

I've seen teachers spend their own money on lunches and food for homeless students. I've known many teachers who regularly buy supplies for students. I've seen teachers give their own time to tutor and academically support students.

In short, people are people, and we all have seen and experienced the bad and good in humankind.

Teachers have absorbed the fall of the family and society as they have taken more responsibility (by necessity) for teaching good behavior that was once the parent's job. Our society structure is in rubble and the DMZ is government schools. Teachers and students alike can be in the wrong.

The solution is complex--but don't be part of the problem by scapegoating anyone. We ALL need to do better.

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Thankful for your good news. Prayers continue...

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...and a dog!

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