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In September 2015 Virginia Roberts Giuffre (VRG) sued Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation in New York federal court. The documents being unsealed by Judge Preska are those that were filed under seal in that case in 2015. The items below were found in the documents unsealed last year.

The source documents are here.

I am finding that all of the so called compilation PDFs, ZIPs, and dumps are incomplete or parts of the old Epstein docs of 2019. Exhibit 15 always seems to be missing, which implicates Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew. Only go to the source for the complete unsealed documents.

These are the older Epstein files released in 2019, a 2,024 page PDF.

Important Excerpts:

VRG's charity https://victimsrefusesilence.org

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Thanks. Also check out drop 4566 https://qalerts.app/?n=4566

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The most obvious would be Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton is a Rapist signs have been everywhere for years and years. Most normal people are sceptical but would not be a massive jump and would accept it. Just like Epstein did not kill him self

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No, he said arrest of Pedoesta would mark the start or whatever

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The FBI needs to be ground into dust. The dirty ones, the complicit ones, the kneeling to communist BLM ones, are there a few good ones? Don't care, all of them need to go.

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are they actually good if they worked for and knew how corrupt the FBI is and did nothing? Being a good person requires courage. Good men, righteous men do not permit the existence of evil. The "just following orders" and doing their jobs types will be hauled off with the rest.

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The whole surveillence state has to crumble. All eyes are looking in onto us. All about Control. So corrupted is our government you have to wonder how we get through. Whatever 'it' is that'll shake up the people I hope its nuclear. We know the FBI is running the show for the DS.

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Most all the three letters and their people are crap ... I might spend my retirement locating former regime officers and agents so they can be brought to justice.

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Maybe tbis is why the Simpsons seem to always predict the future. Are they DS coms?

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Yes they are.

Which is what makes me wonder about them predicting Trump, but then again he was supposed to run and be their stooge and lose to al Gore in the 2000s

And considering how illuminati his son in law is.....

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Sadly, you just explained to Simpsons predicting 9/11 :-(

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Lots of the writers were ivy league alumni, probably skull and bones or connected with them.

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Trump coming down that escalator on the Simpsons though...and the logo on his podium...years in advance


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Maybe Trump did it to troll.

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I feel like this trial is what will black out the media. The discovery that will happen in this trial is going to be scary, and will certainly rattle the foundation of anyone that has an ounce of soul left....

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I don't think there is much left that will rattle my soul. And not just because of Q-related stuff.

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After years, the FBI's motivations for baffling inaction and actions have become so much more obvious.

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Marvin Minsky

This same guy: https://archive.is/Uv0O8

AI pioneer, died of cerebral haemorrhage in 2016?

Sounds like this guy might have been the key for the AI research being used by Big Tech etc to enslave us.

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So whitehats have Dershowitz at the balls for raping kids and that's why he's been playing ball?

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maybe, i reckon he will do anything to save his own skin.

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OMG. Alexandra Marguerite Clémentine Cousteau (born March 21, 1976) is the daughter of Philippe Cousteau and Jan Cousteau and the granddaughter of French explorer and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Jacques Cousteau's granddaughter, Alexandra Cousteau.

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Nice work compiling this.

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Saving this one to aid my research. Thank you for the summary

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Some posts deserve more than just an updoot and a sticky. Here:? I bestow upon you the highest honor on this board: Great Medal of Awakenous Winniosity. Wear it with pride. o7 Oh yeah, it comes with a free cheeseburger. ? Enjoy!

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A gold medal! That's got to be worth its weight in gold!

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This is what have been revealed: judges are corrupt and wont reveal shit we dont already know

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After/during the fall of Little St James, I recall a report about FBI divers finding skeletons etc strewn around the Island. Probably just helping clean-up the place; if true we’ll never know. No sauce; sorry.

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Question: I found Q after the whole Epstein thing blew wide open so I just wanted to ask anons, what did you all know about it before it was news if anything. Did Q specifically talk about Epstein before It became news?

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I disagree on one point. There is due process in our legal system. Alan Dershowitz wrote a great book. Guilt by Accusation. He wrote a convincing defense of his innocence. Take a look at both sides. Neither Clinton or Prince Andrew have been convincing in their statements so far. Never been to the island. Riiight...name on flight logs.... Two sides to every story and somewhere in there is the truth.

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Dersh is a douch.