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Yep, I haven't noticed any empty shelves other than the panic buying of toilet paper during covid and my local chipotle ran out of lids for the bowls and black beans once.

Lmao that's pretty much all the shortages I've seen. Gotta wonder how much of this is just smoke and mirrors.

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Fact check: the greatest existential threat to the American people is the federal government

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here ill help you out.

"more clever" + "Prepare" = take steps to fortify your home against intruders, basic part of home defense is making sure they don't get in in the first place, early warning systems so you know when unwanted guests are close

also "get to know people in your community" + "become adept with your weapons and self defense" = because you followed my advice about self actualization and got to know fellow like minded and strong people in your neighborhood and forged close bonds with them, trained with them even, when the gestapo comes to your door (of which you knew about in advance thanks to being clever and fortifying your home) you give an SoS on your communication device of choice and call the cavalry. Hell if you have time you can even post on social media and signal boost it even further. Maybe because you followed my advice you even got to know your local sheriff quite well and it turns out he's based as well so you call him too. If he isn't I would hope you and the people you got to know organized an effort to replace him with someone who was.

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you got downvoted because you can't think past your nose.

everything contained in my post will strengthen and prepare individuals and communities to deal with any supposed gestapo.

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? Self actualization and get involved in your community. That's literally it. That's the plan.

Become stronger, smarter, healthier, more clever. Get to know people in your community, spread truth, make memes. Become adept with your weapons and self defense, prepare and help others on this same path. Take over your local government. That's the list lol.

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Bruh now, mark exempt on your w-2. A year from now the understaffed diversity hires at the IRS are going to have an absolute clusterfuck trying to figure out what the hell is going on with millions of Americans non existent taxes.

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The truth and logic means nothing to people whose higher order brain functions have been hijacked by their emotions. All they do is feel and react, the thinking part of their brain has completely atrophied.

Memes and barraging them with questions like Q did to us is about all you can do, whether they wake up or not is up to them.

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Were you and your friends blasting ped's and ifbb pro's?

Depends on the division as well I guess, more prone to happen to the open bodybuilding mass monster guys who are really pushing the limits of muscle mass on their bodies frame.

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Despite appearances bodybuilders actually aren't all that healthy. They're actually prone to dying young like this quite frequently due to blasting high levels of PED'S and extreme dieting/dehydration to achieve their competitive physiques.

Not saying it wasn't the vax but this is actually pretty common for bodybuilders.

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The real number is zero. Gender is made up bullcrap and the act of "transitioning" from one sex to the other is impossible.

Should change the category to number of people who are mentally ill but then it would shoot up to like 30-40% of Americans lmao

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No thanks. How does it feel constantly being wrong like the fools on TV ala Jim Cramer? Feeling very "expertish?"

You clearly haven't investigated the topic as deep as you think if you don't understand why people still continue to buy and hold this stock.

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My guy, it was like 5$ a share at the end of 2019 LOL.

"REEEEEE it'll be back to 20 dollars in no time!" - financial "experts"

Over a whole damn year later still over $100...Yea so anyways gonna keep buying and holding.

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I keep asking this to doomers on the Donald. Tellin me the deepstate can't keep one dem, the most controlled party, senator from blowing up their agenda? lol

globohomos sure suck ass at this winning and complete control thing. All an illusion, feigning strength while they go down in flames.

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Correct. Which is why being an etnostate doesn't solve anything.

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Are there not corrupt white people facilitating them? Or are we white people super special incorruptible people according to you and everyone committing evil is a joo?

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Well darn those Jews are doing all the heavy lifting then huh? Is every white leftist also a jew?

Are corrupt shitheads like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi jews? Don't sound like Jewish names to me. Newsom in CA?

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