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I'm sure everyone here has noticed that there are quite a few blatant things that the media accused Trump of doing during his presidency, things which have recently been revealed to actually resemble the acts of Joe Biden. Here is a list of a few of these coincidences that I have noticed. Please add to the list! 1) Trump's son (Don Jr.) was publicly accused of being a cocaine addict. 2) Trump was scrutinized for being incestuously affectionate with his daughter Ivanka. 3) Trump was said to be unable to control his own words. 4) It was said that Trump might start WW3. 5) Trump was a supposed puppet of a foreign government (Putin). 6) Trump was said to have dementia and therefore needed a mental examination. 7) Trump, it was said, would destroy our democracy. 8) Trump was impeached for supposedly extorting Ukraine [the clearest coincidence in my opinion]. 9) Trump was ridiculed for not being able to climb a set of stairs.