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Unlawfully playing Yahtzee! with squirrels for the win today! Thanks as always Uncle Fester!!

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Right you are. And further, if WE don't BELIEVE it, then they can't proceed as we exponentially outnumber them. The dominant belief always wins out.

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I don't think it's even possible now, let alone then. The call connection hand-offs between towers doesn't work. Every now and then an initial connection can be made, but it only works for a brief period, certainly less than a minute.

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Not sure about the lien itself, but it's quite true that the original "United States of America" was supplanted with the corporate "United States of America Inc." following the Civil War which monetized all the land for the "Crown". It's also quite true that the "people" were monetized by FDR in 1933.

Thus, "they" do indeed BELIEVE they own everything so the lien makes perfect sense.

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Release the fear, uncertainty and doubt. Fear is your primary foe. Secondarily, stop judging yourself for your decision. Judgment is your secondary foe. It's in the past. It's gone. Let it go.

You can do it. You are far more powerful than a lowly concoction of chemicals. You need nothing else, let alone more chemicals. Say it is so and all will be well.

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Math doesn't check out Cheff....you're exponentially off. 336,000,000 x $1,000,000 = 33.6 TRILLION dollars....basically equal to the phake "national debt".

But hey, I get the sentiment.

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An "Anti-Vaxxer" versus a boogeyman Russian. A poetic middle-finger bird flip to the cabal.

24 grand slams at the ripe old age of 36 no less. Remarkable achievement joker!!

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Appreciate the push Slyver...and FWIW...I have nothing but faith. It's only a matter of time.

Keep in mind, I was on the original Reddit "Q boards" as well as the later Voat QRV board for years, dropping tidbits here and there, recognizing that the time and audience weren't quite right for deeper insights. My "esoteric" commentary did much better on r/conspiracy back in the day when Axoltyl Peyotyl still ran the show. So it's been a solid 5 years of patiently waiting for the tides to turn.

If I were to post my thoughts here on what's needed, what's really going on, and what we all could do (which is what everybody wants above and beyond Trump/Q saving the world), it would be incendiary to say the least, but probably not seen by many without being pinned.

I've actually been working on getting a podcast up and running, still not ready for prime time yet. Not sure whether I'll reveal that or not here. Possibly.

As my screen-name implies, I'm all about the "red pills", even though technically, there's only one.

But yes I agree with you, I drop replies into comments from time to time flavored with red pill chilli, as you found today...lol. They actually are doing a little better lately in terms of upvotes as opposed to the recent past. So there's hope and I do have faith!

Anyway, appreciate the reminder. I haven't forgotten about our dialogue and your willingness to give my "radical commentary" a fair shake. I know I'll be heavily attacked by the traditional Christians, which doesn't bother me in the least. However, my goal is to hopefully bring them along somehow. We need them, here on GA and everywhere. I'd trade a momentary period of their disenfranchisement for an opportunity to explain what they're right about as well as how they too have been deceived by the cabal. It's a fine line. But lately, more and more have been listening to me and reconsidering some of their deeply entrenched belief imprints. I'm more optimistic than ever as of late.

I think right now though, I'm waiting for the right opportunity to make a splash. I'm not exactly sure what it might be or look like, but I know the timing just isn't right at the moment for the big red pill post. Thus, I'll stick to the occasional comment reply for now until I feel inspired.

And yeah, I haven't forgotten, I'll DM you when the post goes up so you're sure to see it.

Keep up the great work on your end as well BTW. I see your comments from time to time and you're doing just the right amount of red-pilling yourself!

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Anybody heard from Kanye lately? Seems like his trainer might have gotten a hold of him after all...

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For sure. The masses can only learn, absorb and release so much at one time. Being way out ahead of the masses is both a blessing and a curse. All we can do is keep planting seeds and dropping pink pills in the interim.

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Appreciate his outspokenness the past 3 years, but it's a shame he recently backtracked on his boogeyman-virus stance. He did a recent interview with Steve Kirsch, notorious jab critic but still boogeyman-virus BELIEVER, where Mike walked-back his earlier stance stating he no longer believed in respiratory viruses, and instead said he's "not smart enough" to figure out whether they are real or not. What a shame.

It doesn't take "intelligence" to arrive at the only rational conclusion possible around fake boogeyman-viruses. My 11-year old niece understands it and can articulate it to the "smartest" doctor/virologist in the world. Because it's all our "experts" that don't get it yet, that they've been profoundly miseducated. They're simply afraid or unwilling to contemplate such a possibility....sigh...

I don't know what it's going to take to shift the mindset of the brainwashed masses (of which I was once one), but facts, truth and logic simply aren't enough to upend lifelong BELIEFS in boogeymen-virsues.

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Yep. Still a long way to go...the brainwashing runs deep!

<kitty paw Salute> o7

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Best of the day -> "Do not take selfies of the fluffy cows".....hahahaha. :)

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They punted the last, and original, mod - Axolotl Peyotl - right after 1/6/21. He was the only guy that kept it sane as his co-mods were all working against him as they infiltrated the sub.

Last I checked, which was quite a while ago, Axoltyl runs the "conspiracies.win" group here. There's not much engagement though as there aren't a lot of subscribers.

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Orch-OR -> materialist nonsense. I've listened to a wide range of leading pseudoscientists discuss consciousness. Built into all their ramblings are literally dozens, if not hundreds of assumptions and presumptions based on their academic brainwashing. Donald Hoffman is exploring the edges more than most, but he still falls back onto all his materialist brainwashing. He did a joint interview with Rupert Spira (direct path spiritual teacher) earlier this year. Spira was making rational point after rational point. Hoffman didn't counter or argue against any of it. But instead, he kept falling back to his atoms, gravity, photons, big bangs, etc., none of which actually exist in reality. Spira was just talking right past him. But I give Hoffman credit for at least attempting to listen to Spira's ideas, even though he can't hear them, as was evident in the interview. He's very much in the same mind-prison as Sam Harris. Neither are qualified to be taking on the subjects they purport to be "experts" in. But because they support the establishment narratives by and large, they are held out front and center as the "best minds" out there. When in fact, it's the Yogis, Swamis, Gurus, Saints, Mystics, Masters, Rinpoches, etc. of today and for the past several thousand years that have had it right all along.

microtubules -> Have you ever heard of a microbiologist named Harold Hillman? He was prominent in the 1960s-1990s period. A rare man of conviction and integrity, he soon discovered that the "cell" wasn't at all what all the biology and medical textbooks said it was. He had mountains of proof that the majority of cellular organelles weren't even real. Rather they were just air bubbles and staining artifacts. For example, the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), necessary for so called DNA/RNA transcription. He demonstrated there was simply no such thing, rather it was a staining artifact. He took out ribosomes, golgi apparatus's and other sundry constituents along with the RER & SER. The only things he said were provably real were the nucleus and mitochondria. Looking at further research by Gaston Naessens, Royal Rife, Antoine Bechamp and others will lead you to this idea of the microzyma/somatid. The REAL "basis of life". It's not the "cell". The "cell" is just a collection of microzymas/somatids cooperatively operating to perform the function they have been instructed to carry out. They are, in effect, "stem cells". The indestructible "consciousness units" of life. They can't be "killed" by heat or cold. Bechamp discovered this in 1875. And they form all components of "life", as they are "life" itself. From cells and tissues, to bacteria and fungi. The NIH is happy to tell you that 90% of the human body is made up of "foreign, non-human components", like bacteria and fungi, while only 10% of the body are the cells/tissues/bones you think of as "me". You literally can't make this stuff up. So as to microtubules, whether real or imaginary, they aren't "doing" anything that the somatid/microzyma hasn't been instructed to do by the subconscious/psyche/Christ-mind in the first place. Put simply, they are not "cause", but only "effect" if they even exist in the first place, which is unimportant in the context of our conversation.

Laminin -> Same as above goes for laminins. Our pseudoscientists have been profoundly miseducated to work backwards, from effect to cause, seeking ONLY a materialistic explanation at all costs. Suggesting metaphysical, spiritual causation for anything will ensure they find themselves on the outside looking in, most commonly excommunicated from their pseudoscientific discipline in short order, should they not stick with the establishment materialistic narrative. Suggesting anything other than a material explanation is a career-ending, reputation-smearing and financially devastating apocalypse. See Harold Hillman, Royal Rife and Gaston Naessens as but a few examples of those who chose to stray from the ranch.

The cause of all phenomenon in your reality is YOU. Your life as you now live it is a result of the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and the beliefs you entertain. How this works is not complicated either. But if you've had little to no exposure to these ideas, it's virtually UNBELIEVABLE to you. Just a bunch of woo-woo, gobbly-gook, "new age" nonsense. This, of course, is what the establishment cabal wants you to BELIEVE. We were all indoctrinated into these beliefs. Some have found their way out.

The establishment wishes you to be a weak, disempowered, limited VICTIM of untold "outer reality" threats and circumstances. This is how they maintain their power. They get you to give your power away to them. It's their one and only trick. They understand how this reality works and they work around the clock to ensure you don't understand the same.

Whether it be germs, genes, toxins, carcinogens, foods, devils, demons, climate change or any other thousands of "things to fear out there", as long as you BELIEVE their deceptions, they have you right where they want you.

Believe it or not. It is your choice.

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So you're a MATERIALIST, aka a BELIEVER in establishment scientism?

If so, you misunderstand the realm you're operating in. Don't despair, we were all brainwashed into doing so. Some of us see through the lies, some don't.

Our beliefs are not in our DNA at all

In? Who said "in"? That doesn't even make sense. Thoughts and emotions shape one's beliefs. They aren't "in" anything material. However, it's one's beliefs that instruct the physical body to manifest accordingly.

any comments on what else I posted

I'd recommend running as far away as you can from "PubMed". It contains mostly assumptions, beliefs, abstractions and half truths throughout its articles. The entire basis of western medicine and genetics is completely wrong. That there are some occasional truths and facts is how they trick us. We ASSUME they are right about certain things we can't easily verify for ourselves, because they are necessarily right about the things that we can easily verify for ourselves. Tricky buggers!

  • Watson and Crick were druggies - trippers. Crick and his wife were well known swingers on campus too. They didn't figure anything out. They stole some ideas from a woman (who wasn't right either) and passed them off as their own. The classic image of "DNA" was drawn by Crick's wife as an art project that had nothing to do with their "discoveries". Watson and Crick just liked the "double helix" and they sold it to the world having never seen "DNA" in the first place.

  • There's only one ALLEGED image of a DNA strand published in 2013. Nobody before or since has yet been able to capture another. Kind of like the non-existent HIV boogeyman-virus that only Robert Gallo was able to magically photograph in 1985. Nobody else has been able to repeat his remarkable photo since then...because of course...boogeyman-viruses don't exist.

  • In 2006, the world's top "geneticists" gathered at Cal Berkley for their annual symposium. That symposium ended with the leading "experts" not being able to agree on WHAT A GENE EVEN IS!!!!.

I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I'm of the learned opinion that about 80% of what the establishment sells us is a mixture of mostly lies, with some half-truths mixed in. The materialists of the world lose their minds when I tell them this, clinging to the 20% that is obviously truthful, as if that implies the remainder must also be. But it's not. Built into the 80% you will find assumptions, abstractions, presumptions, hypothesis and theories that they pass of as FACTS to the gullible masses...when they're nothing of the sort.

But hey, the great thing is you get to BELIEVE whatever you wish. And you can choose to believe all sorts of things that limit and disempower you, just as the controlling cabal wishes. That's how powerful you are!

So you can BELIEVE all the psychologists and geneticists you like. They too are BELIEVING things into their realities. Because this reality is wholly based on BELIEFS. Make no mistake. You can choose to DISBELIEVE me all you wish. But with careful consideration and contemplation, you'll see that this is so.

So I recommend choosing the empowering, uplifting and positive beliefs every chance you get. I have zero interest in listening to those selling disempowering, limiting, and destructive beliefs. They are thoroughly brainwashed and there's no talking them out of their condition. Because BELIEFS aren't based on FACTS. And as such, you can throw a million facts at their beliefs and they won't budge an inch. I see it every day.

So if you've come to BELIEVE that "in every way and everyday I am getting better and better" is bunkola, you will manifest a life and body that reflects that BELIEF. You're that powerful and it's this simple!

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Oh really? LOL.

And who was it exactly that "discredited" that "theory"? Was it one of our esteemed Nobel prize winning scientismists of the past few centuries?

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What's coded in your DNA is your BELIEFS - full stop.

Virtually everything we've been taught about DNA and genes is a lie. Genes are blueprints for building proteins. Thoughts and emotions are the schematics of the blueprint. You are the ARCHITECT of the blueprint.

Change your BELIEFS, change your body/life/health.

They want you to be a helpless victim that gives their power away. As such, they teach us lies to convince us that this is the case.

You have all the power, not them. If you use your power to CHOOSE TO BELIEVE their lies, you suffer the consequences.

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You're right! Invented in 1972 by the cabal. Despite all other "systems", e.g. circulatory, nervous, digestive, lymphatic, having long since been discovered a century earlier. They hijacked the lympahtic system and invented nonsensical entities like "antibodies" and "killer T-cells" to sell their deception. And it was darn good timing as a year later the gubmint declared that "health care" was to become a part of the national GDP, with a target of 5% growth every year after. And now look where we are!

There's no such thing as an "immune system" because there's nothing to "be immune to" in the first place. Boogeyman-viruses don't exist and bacteria and fungi are not contagious, pathogenic germs. The whole thing is one giant lie to strike fear in the hearts of humanity and disempower us. Plain and simple!

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