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Humans have rights, persons have privileges; Everyone using the persons on "their" pass-ports are exercising privilege.

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Are you actually going to let them murder your father?

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Because he is also probably a fucking pedophile scum that realizes his days left are limited.

He is resigning because of the trial, just like almost every other woke asshole-resignation in the last few years.

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don't eat trash and carbs and you will not get sick to begin with.. the whiskey does NOTHING except fuck you up more later when the liver "gets it".

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Have you tried your own eyes? :)

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I bet you're pumped up full of prescription drugs as we speak..

Regardless of that, the only loser in this thread is you.

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again with the numbers..

They just cant help themselves.

Is it like a signal for help these days?

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All variants are the Xi variant

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This movement is not a National one :) I live in Norway where the newly "elected" socialist government just reversed back into tyranny..

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Goalpost shifted; He said they were going to file the case the 23rd.

So fucking disappointed...


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Person comes from the latin word 'persona' meaning "actor on a stage" or "mask".

Just a tiny FYI :)

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A person is a corporate legal fiction though. So my question then is: how are you actually going after him? Through the person or another way?

Very interested though so don't get me wrong, but I have had my fair share of kate of gaia where he explains how deep the corporate legal death-fiction actually is. so long story short is that if you use the legal name you play their legal game.

No name, no game and that is the only way to get out of this satanic mess.

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You can't use common law within a corporate legal fiction.

You are using a legal corporate NAME while at the same time trying to establish common law jurisdiction.

This is not going to work because you can't have your cake (corporate legal fiction employment bound to corporate maritime law) and eat it too (common law).

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" American Heart Association Peer Reviewed Journal: mRNA Vaccines Are Dangerous "

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Wtf, thats not how reality works.

If the case is set up shitty so they fail by design aka lose on purpose with a sucky case it will not trigger anything.

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Wtf is discord even.

You are a quality loser. Such a pissy loser just because someone did not like your Pence-creamed asshole post.

You reaction shows that you are amazingly pathetic and obviously fragile.

Don't raid me, plz.

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Ok glowie.

You handle dissenting opinion like a kneeling FBI-tucktard right before raiding someone for being a wHitE suPreMaCiSt!



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