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Remember, Florida legislature wrote into law that if DeSantis loses he can still maintain the governorship of Florida. I think there is a plot (Trump working with DeSantis) to draw out the DeSantis' mega super PAC donors and then Trump will name DeSantis as his VP running mate. That way all those DeSantis mega super donors will follow the Trump/DeSantis ticket. Example; Larry Ellis-ORACLE just announced he's backing DeSantis, whereas before he was a huge Trump donor!

Either DeSantis maintains the governorship or Trump names him as VP running mate. I think this is a 'test run' to see how DeSantis' poll numbers run against other GOP candidates for 2028. Then in 2028, it may be DeSantis/Kari Lake ticket. Kari Lake is so well liked-nationwide, she'd make a great VP. If she runs for Senate, she'll win and will have 4 yrs of Senate experience under her belt, so to speak. They're grooming these two for the MAGA party future! Let's see how this plays out...

Here is the Campaign Ad by Doug in Exhile... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wli0lGWhWjM