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STOP PAYING TAXES. this is taxation without representation. A criminal Pedophile is ruining our country and stealing elections. Don’t need to finance it.

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LOL. joepedo gave guns to the taliban and wants to disarm Americans?!?! Dude needs to stick to licking windows and demonrats can kill themselves.

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Big mike looks exactly the same

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This might actually work!!

Russia will die from laughter.

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Gays reproduce through molestation.

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Vote with your wallet. Do not buy products from companies that hate you and your race. If nobody in the TV commercial looks like you don’t buy the product. Also you can look for the barcode to find out if something is made in Chyna or kosherville and then boycott it

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I stopped buying products that exclusively use african Americans in advertising.

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They really do piss and shit on the city streets in chyna. Saw a guy get out on the freeway to take a piss in the traffic lane.

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8000 homeless are going sleep on the ground tonight in San Francisco and there is not a Republican as far as the eye can see to blame it on. That’s just one liberal shit hole.

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Who gives a shit?

PoopLog also simulated assassinating President Trump. Don't give him face time here.

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I believe a lot of these billionaires that are “dying” are actually Moving back to isreal or going to their own Epstein Islands if not the actual Epstein island to live under an alias.

by IAmOne
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Sugar Mountain (zuckerberg) is not even his real name.

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"If you assume power, people soon relinquish it" -Some Rockefeller faggot.

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Hand wringing intensifies

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Can it be the Bob Saget Covid that looks like a baseball bat rearranged his face please?!?!

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Don’t forget! Pelosi and romney also have children that work for Ukrainian energy companies also

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