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New at PHX Sky Harbor Intl., it appeared as if they were actually training TSA on the new facial recognition system at airport security now, FYI they don't tell you its optional, they just quickly herd everyone through as if its mandatory. I asked questions; Me: What is this for?
TSA: ID Me: isn’t that why I hand you my ID card? Me: is this not optional? TSA: You just have to ask for the camera to be turned off, do you want the camera off? Me: yes, turn the camera off.

All you have to do is say turn the camera off, then they have to match you to your ID picture, just like they've always done. When they turned off the camera, it locked up the system and fouled the checkpoint station, I had to move to another station. DO NOT COMPLY! make them turn off the camera, and interrupt their bullshit operation. TSA procedures are all unconstitutional, Patriot Act is based on lies, DS killed a bunch of Americans on 911 to launch their “security”agenda. Safe travels Patriots.