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Yep. They also like to reabuse victims. One of the things they consider to be an "important" part of their work is to notify victims when an image containing them was found on a computer like this.

What good that does? Who knows?! But.. they do it anyways, for the rest of your life, they will remind you of the abuse you suffered and that it's still ongoing. It's sick.

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It's broken because of medicare. Insurance is a market and it works effectively. When a giant single payer monopoly invites itself into the system, then declares for itself the unilateral right to decide how the entire billing system MUST operate by law, it breaks the market.

They like this outcome because broken markets are ripe for corrupt practices and maximum extraction of profits for the minimum amount of work.

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This is just some really hypocritical shit, considering how gleeful people were about Bud Light getting canceled over the tranny thing.

No.. it isn't. X didn't specifically go out and ask "Nazis" to make content on it's platform. They didn't specifically choose to put advertisements next to this content exclusively. They didn't release an advertisement using Hitler as the new spokesperson for X. You're as disingenuous as Media Matters is. Do you work for them or something? You're working really hard to push this insane point of view.

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Let's say that some really conservative company had their ad placed next to, let's say, a pro-trans or pro-pedophilia post.

Who would care? The harm is that the ad is probably misplaced and we spent money to show an ad to someone who is probably not going to engage with it.

And they pulled their ad because of that.

That's not similar to this situation. You're forgetting the third party interference.

Would you argue that it didn't happen enough to matter, or it was taken out of context?

I'd argue that it doesn't matter. The brand isn't harmed by being selected to show in an ad slot next to content the user specifically searched for. You obviously don't understand how programmatic ads work, which is what Media Matters is relying on.

The ad gets selected because of your profile. Male, 25-34, lives in midwest. You match the criteria for NFL ads. When you do things on X, ad slots appear, and they get filled. If you search for "JewsDid911" then you get the content you want, plus some ad slots, which in this case got filled by the NFL because it matched the user criteria.

The NFL got what they wanted, targeting users. The user got what it wanted, the content they searched for. Media Matters disingenuously screenshots this scenario and then lies to you about what is actually happening implying that is an intentional outcome on by X.

More than likely.. the NFL, as an advertiser, has access to content restriction controls on their side. The only case you could make here is that X is intentionally ignoring those content controls in order to boost the number of ads served and revenue generated. That's a huge claim and not at all borne out by Media Maters "work".

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since I don't have access to what Media Matters has discovered


and I don't really care enough about it to do any more research

I love when people try to present rank laziness as some sort of special attribute that puts them above 5 whole seconds of effort.

How about that?

How about we just agree to disagree and leave it at that? I'm not trying to convince you of anything, and your apologies and admissions would be completely worthless, as you're unwilling to even research the thing you're pontificating on.

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I think that's the wrong take. You have the ability to generate whatever data you want. They have an open collector, which is a huge problem for them, since they can't filter out obviously bad data.

This is not an actual problem to a real belligerent.

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based on that company's actions.

Right. Media matters didn't get the result it wanted so it intentionally manipulated it's account settings so it could. It took them several tries to do this. They were not honest about their process.

Unless Musk can show that Media Matters was lying about what Musk was doing, he has no case.

Seems pretty easy.

And since there is evidence that Musk has placed ads next to pro-Nazi posts,

You're doing the same thing MM is doing. You're citing a single instance without any context or without any broader research to quantify how often this happens because you want to imply it's being done intentionally.. which you have zero evidence for.

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I'd love to dig and dig.

So do meth addicts. You ever notice that?

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Biden won't run. When the corruption is inevitably revealed and we get him in court to ask him about it, he's going to pull a Reagan and won't be able to recall anything.

They're happy to shut this one down because they have the perfect fall guy for it and Newsom is corrupt as fuck on his own.

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You just described how freight trains work.

Not really. Freight trains do not rely on a storage battery, they need to generate huge volumes of compressed air to operate the braking system, they need a massive amount of air to cool the traction motors and the multi stage current switching system to actually make them useful and efficient over the large operating torque and speed ranges of a train.

So.. they run the diesel when they operate. There is no hybrid mode. There is simply an DC or AC generator connected to the diesel for electrical power take off. This is not the only load consuming PTO power.

Hybrids are the worst of both worlds. You need two drive systems and probably two fully specialized transmissions to make the drive train efficient and you're still screwed for options if any part of the system fails to operate correctly. It's not at all ideal and is not a mini version of a train in any sense.

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I can assure you that is not personal.

Yes it is. That information is used to "prompt" doctors as to how to treat patients.

It's all about liability for the hospital, doctors etc.

Do they list all the other medications I don't take?

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They love the "noncompliant" label as well. It's open ended and it allows them to flag you to all other "providers" you see afterwards. They run this stuff like the mafia would.

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The Federal Government has no idea how to effectively spend money. They shouldn't be given any to play with. It's been a disaster.

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Sorry, I don’t have time to debate your every thought.

We clearly disagree. If you want to probe those disagreements to see where they go, I'm game. If not, then we have nothing further to discuss.

There is nothing difficult. Nothing hard. No burdens.

As I said.. I think this moral philosophy is both wrong and dangerous and directly contradicts scripture. You say you are saved, and then you act as if you have no further responsibilities. Jesus speaks directly to those who hold this attitude, several times. If your life does not bear fruit, your soul will be eternally damned. Hearing the word is one thing, living it is another.

You need to stop making things complicated. And saying things that are not in scripture. Your feelings and opinions are yours, not God’s Word . I have no opinions. I just learn from the Bible.

I'm not making anything complicated, I'm attempting to correctly understand the words of God and the meaning of his sacrifice for us. I'm attempting to apply the parables of Christ to my own life. If you read God's words and feel comfortable and unburdened and completely saved without any efforts on your part, then I don't know what to say to you other than that Sloth is a deadly sin; and it shows itself in places where many faithful don't expect.

Our disagreements are just that. We glorify God by talking together and attempting to understand Him and ourselves. If this is the end of our conversation, then I will wish good luck to you, my friend.

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Indeed.. a PET scan is a normal procedure that can be used outside of cancer diagnoses as well. They use glucose for exactly the reason you mention, it's the preferred energy source of the brain in particular, and it shows all areas of a brain that are currently active.

It's useful in brain cancer scans because you can highlight and find areas of unusual activity.

Just like.. your bones and tissues show up on an X-Ray. Then we find things that don't look right in the picture, compared to a normal picture, and then say, there is your problem right there! PETs are no different in this context.

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Then why were you created? Answer that.

My parents loved each other and created life. The Lord gave them this power, and with their souls united together in front of Christ, they chose to fulfill his commandments. This pleases God when this happens.

If God has zero to do with us

That is not what I said. You will certainly be judged by Him after this life ends. You have quite a bit to do with Him. You have quite a bit to show for yourself and your life when you arrive.

Do you think he fully guides your path all the way there? If so, why would he then need to judge you? Why would hell ever need to exist?

is gonna give you a migraine.

Not particularly. To accept your view, you would also have to believe that God creates and is responsible for all the evil in the world. Do you really think God conspires in the murder, rape and torture of humans for the purposes of meddling with their souls? If so, again, what does He judge you for, then? Why did he send is only son to forgive us our sins?

God is all knowing. All powerful.

Yes, but you assume he uses that power the way you might. God can choose whether or not to use that power. When we were cast out, God intentionally put us in a place where He would not use His power, a place of evil, a place outside of His kingdom and glory, because he willed it so. He cursed us to know pain. He cursed us to know death.

God has the power, even then, to give us free will. To make us in His own image. What do you think that means? That you simply have two legs and arms and eyes?

Sorry fren you have severely underestimated God’s ability.

I'm sorry.. but I think you are trying to build a particular view of God that would alleviate you of all the responsibility he has placed on you. Your soul was given to you, to carry into this evil place, to shine your light onto other souls and to lift them up, to work together and work the never ending missing to recreate his Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

It's a heavy burden that He places on us. He expects us to carry it. The greatest gift you can bring God is another soul that has been enlightened with the truth and who has accepted Christ into their being. That's a power you have. God will not guide you to do this or whisper in your ear when the time is right.. you have all the power to do this on your own. How are you not absolutely excited about that?

Matthew 24:36, “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”- Jesus

Precisely. He's talking about his return. And on that day, the people will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. His Kingdom is separate from Earth, until that time.

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God knows exactly to the what and where.

Yes.. and he also says you shall be "delivered from evil."

And does have a plan for every single one of us.

He did. Then we ate from the tree of knowledge. Then we were expelled from the garden. Since that day, we have been on our own.

To not understand this about God amazes me. Get informed friend.

I get that you have a differing opinion, but you've offered nothing other than the difference. What, in the scripture, makes you think I'm wrong? Why is this even amazing to you? Have you ever read the parable of the lost sheep?

Those kinds of statements are ridiculous.

I think they're completely justified. I've read the words of Jesus many times. Your life is given to you, you will be judged on what you do with it, you are in God's image. You are expected to find your own way. The parable of the three talents makes this perfectly clear. The parable of the master and the vineyard make this perfectly clear.. at least, to me.

God is not looking for obedient slaves. He already had the Angels. He made You for a different purpose.

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The stone just knocked him out. David still had to cut off his head. He also took it back to israel with him.

God made you in his image and he gave you a soul. Your actions, your words, your thoughts glorify him because of this. He does not interfere in our world, and he has no plan laid out for you, and does not materially guide you through this world.

Jesus tells us about this original gift, how to build it, why we should grow it, what it means to master it, and to use it to recreate the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This is what he wants for you. To be in his absolute image. This is how we are judged.

Anyways.. the point of the story isn't that David is super awesome and courageous, it's that Saul was a giant pussy and shouldn't have been king.

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Yea.. it's called a "Limited Hangout." They're getting good at it. Social media gives them instant feedback on their lying campaigns.

You guys.. you're part of the feedback loop. You've noticed that, right?

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