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More likely that this has all been orchestrated in order to drive the US into third world poverty.

Iglf gas prices are going up so will the cost of shipping anything, so everything on the shelf, especially things made from petroleum like plastics is going to go up more then gas. Food, and everything is about to triple in price j.thynwantnstuff like this time happen to destroy thenUS and to get rid of internal combustion.

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So we've gone from "the military is the only way.", To, "the military of the greatest communist power ever forming an alliance with the military of our longest running enemy to defeat our govt and military is the only way."

Are you supposing that this group is going to defeat our govt to ree state trump so he can make America great again?

What about the plan?

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Do you suppose this is an actual warning of something this guy is a part of like he is and they are implementing a strategy to over throw the current system of intertwined govt agencies, military and the corporate world, or do you suppose he's just.making a video to sound tough and to get views as some sort of attempt at ego validation?

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That was only part of it. That was when they made it legal to play, the Voice of America, which is a propaganda radio station that they used to play only on other countries.

Funny side note; tucker carlson who applied to join the CIA before becoming a "news" man is the son of a "news" man.b

That's right tuckers dad was also in the news buisness. He worked for, Voice of America, congresses I ne and only propoganda radio broadcast.

At any rate, in 2016 they lifted another ban on propaganda, right as Trump was campaigning and then becoming president. I rember it in the news over shadowed by all the craziness around the 2016 election.

I looked it up again a few months ago and found there was a few occasions since 2000 that they've been listening restrictions on that.

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Sadly it is true that parents have lost the art of teaching their children.

However that is more reason to take them back and develop that skill again. By developing it you will also pass it off to your children so that they will infact know how to teach their children

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The real danger is in things teachers, and other kids for that matter say in passing. Those are things your kids won't even think to tell you when they asked about school, and those are the things that will have the most affect on them and that will change them the most.

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They have to do something about election fraud before Trump is coming back.

If he wins without anyone getting busted for election fraud that means he was installed whether he is in on it or not.

If nothing happens before the election about anything then there never was a trump card and Q was a psyop with the successful intention to stifle a large part of the redpilled community which is what it looks like at this point more than a year after the election was stolen and the vaccines unleashed on the people of the earth.

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Do you guys remember any of the stories about the biological women who identify as male dominating men's sports? I can't seem to remember any, but I'm sure there are just as many examples of biological women identifying as males dominating male sports as there are examples of biological males who identify as females dominating women's sports because men and women are exactlly the same physiologically. I think there were some women identifying as men who became the heavy weight boxing champ of the world? Or UFC champion wasn't it? Maybe it was foot ball too? Isn't the heavy weight champion of Men's boxing right now a transgender who was born a woman?

Or maybe there are actually zero cases of biological women who identify as male who are dominating any men's sports at all?

That alone should settle the frigging argument.

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Interesting enough right before all this shit with covid started, and during the most intense parts there was an Aston event involving Pluto that astrologers we're looking at for years before due to it's intense nature. The last time the particular conjunction occured was when Babylon became the first empire in history. Astrologers we're predicting collapse of the system, collapse of economy, some kind of war, basicly predicting events that would change the world as we know it.

Very interesting about Babylon when you consider the book or revealatuin and the subject of Babylon I. That book along with all the other similarities in that book to the events of the last couple of years.

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You mean the same like them as in all the people from J6 locked up being tortured and having their rights abused and violated?

Because that's the closest we have come to taking any kind of stand like the Canadians and Australians and that's what happened.

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Seems like of as a Canadian citizen, some foreigner starts to attack you, and they aren't a real cop you should be able to kill them

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Don't count on it.bthey will burn you out in the rural areas.

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I am truly sorry to have to say this, but you're totally misinterpreting this article.

They are talked Ng about the common man who got PUA unemployment insurance which means all the people who went on pandemic unemployment, and as the article says the small businesses. They are going after people now, and not politicians. They are going after the common man and small businesses saying Ng they didn't actually deserve the aid, and now they have to pay it back or face some sort of consequences.

Right now it is not in any of the news, and I've been getting surprised I haven't heard anything on .win about it but one of the biggest heists in history is taking place right now. It reminds me of the heist when the banks were bailed out for not re Irving payments on homes, and then they took the people's homes and the people were not bailed out so now the banks had the money and repod the homes.

They approved millions of people for special kinds of unemployment that they could not normally get giving people thousands of dollars, and now they are saying that they have to come up with legal proof that they were gig workers or meet the definition of self employed or they have to pay back $30K-$40K in unemployment. Then they are also going after people who took the small business loans to stay afloat during the lockdowns

What's fucked up about it is with the unemployment they knew they were giving out more with the extra stimulus then alot of the people normally earned which is not the fault of the people, it's just how they were doing it.

And now those people have to pay back more than they even claimed that they earned in a year.

Also a substantial amount of what was given to people came back to the govt already through various taxes like sales tax, so if it's all payed back they will end up with more than they gave to the people.

This is Definitly not the MSM turning on politicians, they're laying a rational for the politicians to rob the people by renegotiating after the fact.

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That's what I was thinking as I read down the verse.

The Israel that God designed for the people had no land ownership so no landlords. That is the basis of freedom right there because as soona s you start a rent system you will have an elite class and things like feudalism.

Not having to pay rent is the most basic and fundamental of human rights. I'm not saying that the govt should give out houses, just agreeing with God that being born into a system where you immediately have to pay someone else simply because you exist is insane and a violation of the rights that being placed here by God should bring with it.

In that Israel there was no king, and no centralized power structure.

It was when the people of Israel demanded that they be giving a king, and the rejected the Israel that God designed that things went bad.

God called it a wicked thing that they asked for, and said that to choose that was to reject God.

But that is what created this elitist class over there all ruling classes and govt are things God says he hates, even the US. You can't have a ruling class without it going terribly bad

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They got away with arresting all the J6 people and are continuing to abuse them and their rights to this day right here in the USA

Do you think the leaders of any other countries are worried about consequences if the govt is getting away with it in the USA?

Why should he be anything but confident?

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BS they worked Trump into getting the vac for them.

They needed it as soon as possible for a novel virus so that by the time it evolved into something like omicron they could have given the credit to the vaccine.

All the world super powers had their vaccines out within 3 months. Trump is on record saying the Pfizer execs assured him they could have it out in the same time.

Prior to that, months before Warp speed fauci and Gates were the first Americans suggesting we rush them through. They stated that it could be done in two years to 18 months but the whole country started saying that that was too soon to take a new drug, they got Trump interested in the idea after a couple of months which is when Trump said that the Pfizer execs assured him they could do it like china and Russia in 3 months to which the whole country said that was totally crazy.at that point Fauci stepped in and said "no, you wouldn't have a vaccine in that time, you'd have a drug ready for testing" sounding so reasonable he then continued " the soonest we can have it is in a year" and everyone suddenly saw that one year was reasonable.

Do you not see what fauci did?!he went from. 2!years to getting it in one year with everyone cheering him on by working Trump.

If you don't see that Trump got worked by Fauci and that we'd all be better off if hedl had fired fauci and used the special powers he has during crisis to keep the economy open instead of working out reopening plans then your as blind as people who support Biden.

This narrative from the OP is a false narrative they've infused into the q community, but most of the redpilled community, and a few of the last free thinkilersnin the q community can see that.

It's sad to see everyone go down on all the hear false narratives they given us.

Let's face it, if Hilary did the same thing you would have seen it, and you would have taken the country back in revolution.

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The thing is as fucked up as it is, she's right. It's the same with govt we don't get to choose the laws or what happens. We elect people and they do what they do.

In such a diverse setting as a typical state enculturation program(Public school) they can't possibly please all the different parents.

It's also true that if you really want control of your child's education, indoctrinated nation, and want to weed out all the same btle evil I fluences that they assimilate at the state program then pull them out and homeschool them They together with other parents to make homeschool groups if you know ke, but homeschool is the only way to control it. If you use the state program be prepared to massively compromise.

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You're suggesting that the plan has been fast track vaccines and to allow half the world to get HIV, plus who ever they have sex with so that they can see how stupid they were for not knowing that something like that was bound to result from getting a vaccine?

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Almost looked real, but cops don't let you wear you jacket on your shoulders, or let you wear your sunglasses on your head. They won't even let you keep real glasses that you need to actually see, and they cuff your hands behind, not in front of your back.

She could choke the driver with her jacket, use her glasses as a weapon to gouge out eyes etc.

This cop actually has his hands on her glasses so he's aware he "forgot" to take them, and the woman is going psycho but they leave her with all that stuff.

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Well she is right unfortunately.

That does not mean that the dems.didnt want us locked down, it just means it happened under trump and yes, he is responsible for the state of the nation while he was president.he did not use any of the various authorities he has to fight the lockdowns. The president can not stop or force laws on states, but the lockdowns were not laws and he could have fought them for us on several grounds the first being that they were unconstitutional, secondly the president has power over commerce and could have kept the nation open and functioning. In a national emergency he also has extra power over the economy to keep it and supply chains flowing.

But instead he simply worked out reopening plans.

Trump is s not God, he is a man and as 🔜 ch he is flawed, and has week spots.

My thoughts are that yes, the Dems wanted us on lockdown and they wanted a fast tracked vaccine but they couldn't do it themselves because many people on the right would have gone full revolution if it was a Democrat like say if Hillary won instead of Trump all the people who support Trump would have revolted if Hillary fast tracked the vaccines and encouraged lockdowns.

So they needed someone like Trump in office so that all the people here at this website for example, would accept, and even defend Trump for doing and allowing those things where as if Hillary did it there would have been a full on revolution and all this shit would be done by now.

We would have taken the country back by now but instead we became complacent and accepted the tyrant because it came from Trump instead of Hillary.

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But in that context either expression tells the person asking that they don't know the directions.

If I knew the directions I'd start off by saying, "You want to go this way up main, take a left on 1st..."

If I know the directions I would not say "I think" or "I feel" because both indicate an unknown area

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I think is known to be a week terminology, and if you want to sound strong and confident it's suggested that you don't ever say "I think".

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