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Socrates: "You agree, Thermippos, that all men are mortal."

Thermippos: "I do."

S: "And you agree furthermore that I am a man."

T: "I have no reason to doubt it, Socrates."

S: "Surely then you agree that I am mortal."

T: "I didn't say that. You did. Don't put words in my mouth."

S: "I beg your pardon, Thermippos, but I have simply drawn what follows."

T: "Strawman."

S: "But no true reasoner could fail--"

T: "Ah, the no-true-Macedonian fallacy."

S: "But, Thermippos, given the logical form..."

T: "Define 'logical form.'"

S: "...You must either accept the conclusion or reject at least one of the premises."

T: "False dichotomy."

S: "I see, Thermippos. You're an idiot."

T: "And that's an ad hominem."

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I told him about the benefits of my own use. He called it psychosomatic.

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What about the font? A strange choice to be sure, but you're implying there's some significance to it.

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Isaac Kappy did so, and was killed immediately.

He even had a few seconds of video. Those poor girls.

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I thought you made that last word up. Nope, it means "government run by the least-qualified."

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Who would have thought that stupid remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still would actually have some serious historical significance?

Yes, it's a weak movie. I say that as a Keanu Reeves fan. But these lines are good.

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This is a surprisingly-apt analogy.

Like poker, rock-paper-scissors is far more psychological than it appears. You have to know your opponent's personality and tendencies--but there is always randomness, or throwing caution to the wind.

But knowing your enemy will lead you to more RPS victories than you'd think.

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I have an old pic that says "Half of East Africa's internet squeezes through this cable."

You'd be amazed how much of the Internet is bottlenecked--and thus easy to kill.

EDIT: Found it. It was ALL the internet, not just half!

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It was blamed on the strangely-designed gearshift, which was immediately discontinued and the old design restored.

While it WAS a stupid design for a gearshift, his tragic death has always bugged me...

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"Look at the stock market. The objective is to get the worthless fiat out of the serfs' hands, not make a profit!"

"Historically, the stock market in the US was looked upon as a gambling syndicate in the 20s and 30's...only later was it legitimized by allowing a select number of winners!"

The Rofschild who was axed a question

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Six Flags and Cedar Fair > Disneyland

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I'll never understand people who say that "/s" is for cowards.

You don't have any tone of voice to judge intent! Communication matters!

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We're not electing him President.

We want him to expose Twitter.

Everyone has a role.

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