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And this is why retarded leftists and normies stay retarded. The msm must be absolutely destroyed and re-made into honest journalism. The propaganda is 3rd world level. It literally is two parts of our population believing completely opposite views of the same thing.

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I agree. Time to fight back against these assholes

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"That’s because Congress is now investigating whether or not Bud Light’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney was being used to target minors for alcoholic advertising."

CONgress is on the case boys, they'll surely get to the bottom of it🤣 i can count on both hands the number of congess folk I believe to be patriots which is sad. They will accomplish nothing sadly. They will hold a hearing, talk tough, write a report and no one will be held accountable. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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So i bet someone can pull the campaign contributions for the rinos behind the impeachment and they would find that those behind the impeachment are bought and paid for by big pharma

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I would say they gave the green light for her to come out of the shadows and give us some hopium. GEOTUS endorsed her so I think she is part of the awakening

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Yeah a bunch of us had a pouting session last week or so over her disappearance

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Thats where digital soldiers come in. Plant the seed. If this was a lie, what else is a lie. Etc... They need to begin to question everything about their perceived reality. Maybe this one wont, maybe it will be moochell the tranny, or malik obamas tucker interview, etc. And yes i agree some are lost forever. I do think we can still wake a few more though

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