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Low hanging safe fruit, not likely the Amish will exercise a 2nd amendment option to defend their rights.

These mighty bold fed fuckers are raiding the

"gun free food zones"

The cream of the crop, the best that was left...

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AMA (advance murdering academy) is the scourge of society. If there is a heaven and hell, rockefeller burns today.

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Let's see what Martha's Vineyard can do for the homeless, the veterans, the lost dogs and the sick chickens.

Being as they fixed their illegal alien problem overnight

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Damn it man, hard days indeed.

Condolences, My Brother

Trusting what your government tell you shouldn't be a death sentence, regardless of your intellectual abilities.

Never shall we forget those who have suffered,

Never shall we forget those who have died.

One and all, they demand justice.

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Porn is getting so weird these days.

She looks so apathetic, as a paid actress you'd think she would play her part better.

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Eventually all these fuckers are gonna have to be rounded up and deported, regardless of how fun it is to watch the blue cities crack.

by gamepwn
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A blue wave of democrat voters.

This is voter suppressor and disenfranchisement, they are on the way to get voter identification...

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Fucker Tucker nails it.

Shame he betrayed his country when his country needed him.

Let them drink Champagne eat Caviar and Cake darling...

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Too funny,

The food that kills you, complaining that the rock city gangsta war is killing off their potential food poisoning victim to fast.

All things consider you decide

a slow death from fast foods???


A fast death from a slow thinking getto gangsta???

And who says the windy has no culture.

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If the battles you are winning aren't destroying your enemy, then you are fighting the wrong battles to win the war...

The quickest, easiest cheapest way out of this mess is to,

Kill the kabal,

and it's minions.

No Globalist,

No Problems.

A few days, everything back to normal.

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The globalist hope we riot against local and national governments, little do they know it will be them we target. The dangers of a educated populace.

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fauci needs a date with the hangman, so he can stretch that twisted logic straight.

Is it just me or does he look like a ugly little gay soi boi ogre?

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