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That’s why everyone calls it Newsweak.

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WaPo... where democracy dies in darkness.

The only thing true in all of their articles.

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According to Anons at the time of Q drop 128 https://qanon.pub/?#128

IRON EAGLE movie series 1.Extracting a hostage 2.Teaming up with Russia to take out a rogue nation 3.Taking out a drug cartel 4.Preventing a false flag

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Robin Vos is not the chair of the rules committee, and there are other members in it to vote.

Contact them and tell them what the right thing to do is.

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Vos needs to resign in disgrace.

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Great news.

That swamp rat Robin Vos tried to sabotage Tim by reassigning his staff.

Gableman is issuing subpoenas for Dominion rigged voting machines, and the DA in Racine is being pressured to indict the WEC for felony charges. The tip of the spear for the battle to fix 2020 wages in Wisconsin.

The only site reporting on any of this is Frankspeech.

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Get it done right the first time and don’t rush through it.

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Has an AG ever squashed a Special Counsel investigation?

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But Xiden IS a pedo, father to a crackhead, and an illegitimate President.

Got it.

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"I just wonder where were all these people when Richard Barron and Happy Faces were used for the election of Donald Trump," Arrington said.

They were at home happy that President Trump won.

These people are basically walking meat-sticks.

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I’m just glad that lying sack of shit Josh Merrit was denied access to the packet logs. I thank God that Mike cut access off to the data when he did.

You go ahead and try to discredit the truth all you want. Maybe politifact will hire you because their current “fact checks” against election fraud are a good laugh.

You are welcome and good luck!

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Lindell's symposium was to award "to disprove" the data, not "to prove".

According to Mike Lindell, what was to be disproven is that the data came from the 2020 election. I find that to mean confirmation but either term works for me.

Packet logs

Why did you insert that? Once again, according to Mike, his original request to the red team was to disprove the data he had was from the 2020 election. He showed them data (not the packet captures) and the red team agreed the data they saw was from the 2020 election thus no 5 million reward.

The only reasonable easy proof I would be able to slam my fist down on a table would be if foreign actors backdoored the machines and used some commonly available remote desktop ...

I couldn’t agree more, however that was not the challenge. Mike’s challenge was for the red team to disprove the data he showed the red team was from the 2020 election which they didn’t do.

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I wouldn’t rely on a known liar to tell you anything.

He was part of the red team that confirmed the data Mike had was from the 2020 election which is what the 5 million reward was for, which the red team did in fact confirm. He then ran to the M$M with lies about how he didn’t confirm that China remotely connected to election machines, falsely claiming that’s why he didn’t get the 5 million.

He lied about Mike Lindell and stated that the physical attack on Mike during the symposium was not true. He wasn’t even in the room when it happened.

It’s a good thing Mike’s CI team sniffed him out before Mike dropped the PCAPs to the red team. Who knows what that lying fool had planned for them.

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The short, short version:

Dr. Frank discovered that the voter rolls numbers for the 2020 election and the number of votes cast are very highly correlated to the 2010 census data. They are so highly correlated, that it is not possible for it to occur naturally and an algorithm is involved.

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"they say the same shit your saying so you're the same as them".

Tell him the truth is the truth no matter who says it.

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