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Stephen Miller with the 🔥🔥🔥


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Rest in peace, Josh, you're in heaven now, brother 🙏❤️

To help with Josh's funeral expenses, details can be found here -

"I just received a call from the administrator at @AKA_RealDirty's rehab facility & she wanted to pass along a message from Josh's mom since I had asked if we could do anything to help them.

She is very grateful for us wanting to do something to honor Josh & I think we can do that & more.

If you would like to make any contribution to cover the cost of his funeral, casket, flowers, love to the family... they have asked that we do all of that through the funeral home. I do not know the date of the funeral yet, but if I find out, I will post it.

I can only imagine what we can do to show his family how much he was loved.

Deal Funeral Home 1401 Kanawha St, Point Pleasant, WV 25550 (304) 675-6000.

We miss you Josh. 💔❤️

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The preborn baby absolutely has the right to life, given to them by God, and that right cannot be taken away.

Edit: Abortion is a clear example of the manifestation of evil and how people have been led astray by the death cult we are at war with. Just my perspective. It is not my place to judge, there is only God's judgement, and I need to follow God's laws as best I can. My heart breaks for people in tough situations like these. Thank God for those that help facilitate adoptions.

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You again 🤷

You are really leveling up your social credit score, great job, comrade u/#glowie

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I enjoyed the interview with Michael Yeadon very much. Yeadon brings his expertise and personal anecdotes to give us a perspective on the COVID scam/ Bioweapon shots that is shocking!

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I cannot recall a recent discussion, unfortunately, but I read through this report when it came out 2.5 years ago. The President's Advisory 1776 Commission can be downloaded here -


I believe this may answer some of your questions. It was published in Jan 2021, and may answer questions about what habbens next.

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