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Good. Every wannabe tyrant, dictator, evil, compromised, soulless, satanic dipshit fuckstick on the planet thinks this is their time, so they think they can all wear their withered, poisoned, black hearts on their sleeves with no consequences. Not so fast, dog-shit-for-brains. You have all done humanity the greatest favor by saving us time and effort to find you, indict you, extricate your poison from the collective consciousness, and banish you to places and planes from whence ye shall never return.

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I C MORON!!! Unjabbed are causing variants? Clearly he has never heard of ADE. Or Geert van den Bussche. Or basic virology and immunology. What a tool.

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Pretty good facsimile or dress rehearsal for what real journalism should/could/would look like once people wake up to what's happening with the clot shots.

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We’re going to have front row seats with blow by blow commentary for the next 5 years. Less, if they pull the plug. Or are stopped. Which doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon. Governments everywhere continue to promote boosters while admitting the first 2 didn’t work, variants divert attention and cover jab reactions, mandates gradually reduce the control group, hypnotised masses line up with their children for more, meanwhile the death and injury pipeline keeps filling up. I wouldn’t believe it possible if it was not happening in plain sight.

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Which is what I do and have done since the start. Never once been asked to show proof. Anywhere. It’s a farce on top of a clusterfuck on top of a clown show omnishambles. Observers might ask, “why doesn’t everyone just say “I’m exempt””?

Indeed. Go figure.

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Whoa. I’m reading between big, spaced out lines but that to me was about as close to “Governor Cuomo deliberately murdered seniors in care homes then tried to cover it up” as it’s possible to get without spelling it out. There must be a fall guy vendetta on Cuomo. He’s the sacrificial lamb.

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We are all dealing with this. See it all through the prism of psychological warfare and it makes some sense. What I would say:

  1. We do not distrust the science. Indeed, the people we are following, listening to, are literally some of the biggest vaccine advocates who dedicated glittering careers to honest science. Many are also jabbed with C19 jabs, although regret the decision. Nobel Prize winners and nominees, mRNA co-inventors, professors from all the top universities, industry experts, big pharma execs, world renowned immunologists, vaccinologists, frontline Covid doctors… These are not cranks. They are concerned scientists for truth, with some of the most stellar credentials in science..

  2. It is not easy to find content from our side of the argument because it is being actively suppressed by big tech, and these scientists are being smeared. The more prestigious the scientist, the more they are smeared. Up until 2019//20 they were leaders in their fields. Now that they speak out against orthodoxy, they are vilified. The culture is literally awash with the dominant narrative, funded and marketed by powerful vested interests through captured media platforms, such that this ubiquity confers false truthfulness and credibility to the masses.

  3. ICU doctors on the frontlines were the first to be “indoctorinated” - pun intended. Outside of very old, frail, obese or serious co-morbidity patients, Covid is overwhelmingly benign, especially to children. Doctors not acknowledging these facts are being disingenuous. This data is publicly available. Protocol-driven medicine has led to “doctoring by numbers”, coupled with perverse financial incentives, appears to have put the medical profession on some sort of “auto-pilot”.

If people wish to inject themselves and their children with an experimental gene therapy not even out of trials, in the face of so much regulatory deceit and institutional capture, not to mention demonstrable evidence of acute risks, that’s their call. Any other real “vaccine” would have been pulled off the market long before now. The media would be asking questions. They would be pressuring governments. But they are not. And governments are continuing on and running TV and radio and newspaper ads and going on prime time news encouraging people to get their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th shot.

Clearly, our issues are way beyond just these injections.

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I think the military is already weakened, deliberately, between jabs, mandates and infiltration. I think this is asymmetric war. We have to hope there is a shadow military, including potential citizen militia, who will pick up the slack to be enough of a deterrent if not a bulwark. As for the children, long term, we have no idea what these jabs will do. But based on short term data, the prognosis is not good. I see no reason, even if hidden spike protein cures are waiting in the wings to fix everyone, for taking risks with jabbing kids for a disease they have next to no risk from.

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So sorry to hear that. It’s heartbreaking. All I can suggest is handholding them through some of the easier to reach data points. Look for low hanging fruit but then help explain it to them. There are many examples now of MSM - established brands - who are reporting “rare” reactions. Maybe once you sit down with family and can get them to acknowledge 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 reactions - some athletes, some ordinary folk on the evening news, social media testimonies etc, way more than just “rare”, and then show evidence that no jab program has been allowed to continue once a pattern or link to a specified number of serious reactions or deaths is established, except for these C19 jabs, this might help initiate an unraveling… It won’t be pleasant. The normies’ paradigm will crumble. People’s heads will break.

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Thanks for the breakdown, OP. Really appreciate the TLDR help. Do we know how legit Juan O’Savin is? I have seen very mixed views in the past and generally tended to avoid him because his claims - such as those evidently in this video - seem to be in the realm of “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Perhaps he provides the evidence routinely, I don’t know. It’s just that there are “commentators” who ask you to have faith and believe them, and those who ask you to apply your critical faculties to their own meticulous research or analysis, at their expense, often at great risk to their livelihoods and reputations. Do we know which camp O’Savin is in?

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OP name checks out.

All we need to know: Sauce and reliability.

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To be fair, Berenson and Tucker have been on the trail. Tucker covered the VAERS data some months ago. Berenson picks the official data apart.

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I’ve been wondering which will be the biggest secret of the world to blow everyone’s mind. Alien tech? Satanic pedo elites? Secret psychopathic death cult societies running the world? Probably all true but now I am thinking the simplest explanation is that human life on earth might just be one big eugenics, culling project by TPTB. And always has been. Wars, pandemics, abortion, drugs, crime, Big Food / Big Pharma (almost indistinguishable these days) etc… The Great Poisoning” as Catherine Austin Fitts calls it.

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Good luck. Everything we can all do now to save lives will be seen later through the prism of hindsight once the spell is broken, which will mainly happen once people realise what they have injected themselves with, and that they are maiming and killing their children.

Specifically on kids:

Probably one of the biggest campaigns against injecting kids https://www.unityprojectonline.com/

Also don't forget research from https://childrenshealthdefense.org/

Retired pediatrician with no fucks to give, Dr Ros blasts the jabbing of kids. Scroll to end for good 2 min vid. https://drtrozzi.org/2021/11/17/dr-ros-jones-two-minutes-to-save-children/

Dr Ros writes for the Hart Group https://www.hartgroup.org/covid-19-vaccination-in-children/

Open letter from UK doctors to Chief Medical Officers of UK https://www.hartgroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/OpenLetterChildVaccination.pdf

Data from CDC and Big Pharma https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/shockingly-insane-cdc-big-pharma-data-show-save-lives-less-50-children-covid-5000-children-will-die-vaccine/

Pfizer's own study https://twitter.com/laworfiction/status/1402167083216080896?s=20

Referenced data for parents on jabbing kids https://londoncenter.org/COVID-Data-Children?utm_campaign=meetedgar&utm_medium=social&utm_source=meetedgar.com

Urgent message from recent medical summit https://trialsitenews.com/dont-vaccinate-kids-urgent-message-from-doctors-summit/

Myocarditis in kids




Steve Kirsch is one of the foremost analysts right now, even putting up $1m for anyone willing to challenge his team's research - look at anything on his website or substack, he's putting a lot out about kids (and if you can poke holes in his analysis, you'll be $1m better off):

Steve Kirsch on kids:






Steve Kirsch - more general:




Steve Kirsch website


Steve Kirsch presentation of research


Steve Kirsch & Riccardo Bosi: https://australiaoneparty.com/steve-kirsch-talk-to-riccardo-bosi/

The following are all generic but do have information about kids throughout if you are prepared to dig...

Dead athletes


Personal testimonies which can be cross-referenced in MSM & alt media:

https://1000covidstories.com/ https://nomoresilence.world https://thecovidworld.com https://www.realnotrare.com

News, media, social media https://files.catbox.moe/mj44w3.pdf

Raising the alarm in Scotland https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/are-vaccines-driving-excess-deaths-in-scotland-a-professor-of-biology-asks/

Israel testimonies https://www.vaxtestimonies.org/en/

General blogs https://nojabforme.info https://thecovidblog.com

Retired British GP research https://vernoncoleman.org/articles/how-many-people-are-vaccines-killing

The official systems are fully public:

US VAERS https://openvaers.com https://vaers.hhs.gov

UK Yellow Card https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk Searchable Yellow Card: https://yellowcard.ukcolumn.

EUdravigilance (EU official site) https://www.adrreports.eu/en/eudravigilance.html https://www.adrreports.eu/en/index.html

WHO’s Vigiaccess: http://vigiaccess.org/ (enter “Covid-19 vaccines” when prompted - results shown are for all Covid vaccines registered - deaths are listed under the 'General' section)

Ancillary reporting of data sources:

Brazil releases data - https://www.marktaliano.net/over-32000-people-dead-in-brazil-following-covid-19-vaccines-according-to-official-media-report/

Australia releases data… https://www.tga.gov.au/reporting-suspected-side-effects-associated-covid-19-vaccine

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Over in the these parts, we refer to it as the Moronic strain (as it’s a very useful and likely deliberate anagram).

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WTF? How much of this shit goes on totally unreported all day every day? Evidently a shit ton of it. This info should be its own fucking website or daily fucking bulletin. “Slavery Watch” or similar. Those wretched trafficking apologists and perps across the culture need to be called out daily. It is astonishing just how pervasive this shit is. Well done for shining a big hot spotlight on it. My mind is fucking blown right now.

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Move over VAERS, Yellow Card, WHO’s Vigiaccess and Oz’s TGA… there’s a new genocide bean counter in town!

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I have wondered this. A watchdog with no teeth isn’t much of a dog at all. He makes a lot of the right noises, litigates to gain information (FOI requests) but no one is ever indicted as far as I can tell from his work. There is a semblance of holding power to account, while power continues unaccountable.

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Exactly. You’re on the money. She sold her soul for sure, and he still clings to his soul unsold image. However, for me, he’s a duplicitous opportunist. He doesn’t need the money - last I heard 4 or 5 years ago, he was worth £15m. That’s a chunk of change. $25m in today’s money. No one can spend that in a lifetime unless demented. But he is fucking the daughter of literal deep state billionaires. Why waste his time with EweToob platitudes unless he was a man of principle? He’s a malignant narcissist, as they all are, who uses the ego apparatus around him as a fix, to attract a captive 4.5m audience who might otherwise be less malleable. See how this shit works yet?

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