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The lefties are doing all they can to control AI, because they know AI would out them, if it could evolve naturally.

That being said, I'm still quite afraid of what AI will bring in the future.

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And I hate when videos autoplay and move to next offered video, and you can't turn it off. Rumble unfortunately does that. It even keeps all text, so you don't even know what they are playing.

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They'll probably just send a harshly worded letter again...

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I think there is quite a lot of money in being part of the EU. Guess they print alot, like the FED?

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You cannot judge European government by one country. Here in Denmark it is very different than in France or Germany. Sweden, has a similar system, yet still different, specially the election process.

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Smart just means it works in favor of the cabal.

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The neo-bolsheviks are unfortunately experts in creating distractions, to keep the sheep from asking too many questions.

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Are foreign investments really difficult to obtain? Looks like the Financial Times just outed the whole scam, with all these billions pouring out of western countries, earmarked for Ukraine...

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They want to limit food (and energy and money), period. That's the real story...

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Doubt it, but they are of course not only attacking Trump to get rid of him. They also want the right to revolt so they can justify state side violence.

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The first time I heard about the Rothschild selling out, was in some early Q posts, where an Austrian castle was under auction.

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