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The population has become so dumbed down and acquired the attention span on a nat, that at this point I am not sure anything less than the releasing something on the scale of the frazziledrip video will actually wake people up, or get them to take notice.

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Bezos unleashed the Chinese onto his platform and made them untouchable while burying US sellers in restrictions. He’s a total sellout and a faggot (figuratively and literally, have you seen his “girl”friend?)

Hope the Chinese and CIA money was worth it when you are facing 6 feet of rope.

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Don’t forget the convoy of helicopters, ospreys, state troopers, traffic control, etc.

Fuck that faggoty piece of shit. Mocking how he is protected behind the military you paid for in an effort to fuck over your country right in front of you.

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Amazon and that wonky eyed fuck face bezos are just another arm of government propped control and surveillance through big tech. Can’t wait to see him shot into the sun with his own rocket (well likely some else’s as his is garbage and can’t even reach orbit, it’s little more than an expensive carnival ride)

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Let’s not also forget why coins had to have ridges in the first place

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Tasteless?? Please, that was mild for a family that is so publicly fucked up and airs their dirty laundry willingly. Fuck the Smiths for thinking they should be “untouchable”

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I thought gender wasn’t defined by your chromosomes? Which is it already you hypocritical fag-ettes.

The only person I feel bad for in this story is the child. How can anyone not love a child they gave birth to. What losers.

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Thank you! We went the same route in our household, and while financially it can be a struggle to be a single income family amidst rising inflation, I would never change it. Children need their parents, not a stand in. It may very well be why so many “sheep” blindly follow the words of an authority figure or “expert” they have never met over their own judgement (parental absence trained them to do it).

You and your family are doing an amazing thing with your choice, and your children will be luckier for it.

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Neither of those two larping fag-ettes would do a thing. One of them is likely a failed dude anyway.

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Is there a bonus for also bringing in Alex Soros, Rothschilds, and Schwab

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Trying to get ahead of the narrative are we, fuckface?

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How are housing prices doubling and people still buying those?! There is some cash party I certainly wasnt invited to. I’m ready for the movie to end

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