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This is true! My far lefty father already sent me two articles about this subject this morning. One from the Daily Mail UK with a headline that read "Jeffery Epstein was Donald Trump's 'wingman'. 😂 He honestly thought this was new news.

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Somehow Apple is up. 🤷

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When I saw my OBGYN last month and he started talking about med beds and DUMBS... my mouth hit the floor. I was so happy to learn he was absolutely based. BTW... he was former military and had been in a few DUMBS overseas. We even started talking about the 'Cabal'. So, I know exactly how you feel, fren. It's so nice to finally to be able to have these conversations with others, and not feel like you're the only one.

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This was one of the reasons I decided to start volunteering for my local GOP. I'm actually going to be sworn in as precinct chair of my precinct next month. I felt I needed to do something more and hopefully spread hope to others in my community. Remember, if we feel down, imagine how other normie conservatives must feel.

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To make sure your Sharpie is successful, simply add two dots. :)

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At least they are admitting there was a control group given saline. Now how big all of these control groups outside of this study are is still TBD.

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Here we go again! Hopefully, people won’t be so tolerant this time around. BS Variant incoming. Stand strong peeps!

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Is this just WHO telling us to expect greater death counts after everyone gets their booster? They will then blame these deaths on the new so-called variant.

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Amen! Pray for peaceful yet enlightening conversations today with all families.🙏

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As someone who works in advertising, it’s disgusting isn’t it? Wanna know why it’s the way it is? It’s because most in the advertising world are far left liberal Democrats. I work with quite a few. Their ideologies mirror every narrative spewed by MSM and social media. I’m a rare breed in my field and my opinions are always outnumbered. I have tow a fine line doing what I do. I’d love to find a Christian-based company to do advertising for.

I tried asking stakeholders why do we have to include gay couples in our ads. It doesn’t match our customer demographics. And take a guess where the request was coming from. A gay dude who works for my company and outranks me.

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They are really trying to ruin Santa for kids aren't they?

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I've gotten involved at the grassroots level, and trust me there are Republicans who want to make a difference. Yes, there are Rinos amongst the deep state, and that's why us patriots at the grassroots level have to weed them out and primary their ass.

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Did this doctor get a booster?? Adverse reactions?? Would love to know more.

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That’s their goal. They want to stoke racial tensions to ignite the fire.

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