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I think msm is here looking at this and having a fucking heart attack

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It pisses me off to no end to know some one got paid a large sum of cash to write this article 😠

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This picture is literally everything they’re afraid of lol

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Morpheus was mad that the machines wouldn’t return Neo’s body (in the timeframe he wanted). So he planned to take him back by force, machines got mad and sent assassins to kill him.

I really hope it’s wrong and that they’re saving a surprise or something.

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Not to rain on your parade, but technically, Morpheus died in the matrix MMORPG and it is canon so.... that might be the answer you want

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It’s a real fuckin tweet

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No. I will make it clear to everyone: the government fucked up, I want it fixed NOW no taxes until then.

Gonna arrest me? You might have a death wish. One foot on my property and I will end your life

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That’s what I want to know I have something really creepy to share

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I have no idea how it got turned. Also I just saw the 17 next to them. Probably just a coincidence lol

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Honestly, sandy hook was weird. You can’t say anything because the counter argument is “the children!!!! Bigggot!!”. I don’t want to ever touch it.

But asking for records and trying to block the release of them? Wow

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