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The account is a little suspicious given it was created in December.

The profile lists "Artist, Data Scientist, Disinfo/deception/fraud detector, Democracy Enjoyer. Politics and news commentator. Proudly Jewish."


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Thanks for the input. I am surprised I never see anyone else discussing this since I know quite a few couples who only one spouse is vaccinated.

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Does anyone know if you would still be pure blood if you have sex with your partner who got vaccinated despite your wishes not to? I have heard of breast milk from the vaccinated impacting the children but I have not seen anything about sexual acts.

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A lot of people in my town have noticed things like that as well as sounds for years now which we assume is from the nearby military base.

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I agree, 74% seems unreasonably high to hide so perhaps it was a 74% increase in the rate? If true, we should also consider the chance that the area he practiced in had really nasty batches compared to others. https://www.howbadismybatch.com/cdcexpiry3.pdf

Personally there have been a few pregnancies' that I personally know of since vaccinations. One of which miscarried and another had serious physical deformities so I most certainly think it is harmful but my sample size is not large enough.

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I think it would be related to misleading investors with the number of actual users

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Unfortunately they can still get pregnant. From what I have seen they typically have much more complications such as miscarriages or deformities.

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Bottom is missing an adam's apple

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What comments? I don't know how many people are vaccinated but I'm willing to bet the numbers are overly inflated. I have a friend who is friends with a midwife that has shown pictures of torn placentas being covered in blood clots which started after the vaccinations. In addition to that, an acquaintance who was vaccinated found out their child has a deformity from the sonogram. They have already made arrangements with CHOP for surgery once the baby is born.

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