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I don’t ascribed ‘deeming’ as an action of which they’re capable. Deeming is for rationale people.

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Look deeper inside yourself for the answers.

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Either dumb or a liar. Hmmmmmmm……

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You mean "we", right? When you said they, surely you meant "we", yeah? For me, sometimes I'm the leader, though more often than not I'm in the crowd. I dunno, just seems funny that the automatic reaction here is "I AM THE PEPE" and people don't even stop to ask "when am I the crowd?"

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Jeez... The fact that you think going insane invalidates an idea presented by the person is so absurd. I wish you could understand it. But... I guess you can't.

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So you’re safely protected from considering what he said because it can be dismissed as insane-causing. You know, many Christians also went insane throughout history - we can just dismiss everything they thought, right? Furthermore, others have thought the same as Nietzsche and not gone insane.

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The mainstreams of all 3 of the Abrahamic religions, as I see it.

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It will become more and more difficult to hide from the truth behind deflections like that. ‘The person went insane so what they said can’t be true’, LOL.

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The weak are top-heavy on the ‘group’ survival dynamic. Nietzsche flamed exoteric Christians extremely hard as a herd of the weak sticking together for survival. Try telling an average Christian that Christianity is anything other than the generally accepted mainstream view - it can’t be done.

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These days you can just feel deep state tratorism oozing off their skin. We can not be fooled.

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