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This is an out. Don't know why, but they're trying to throw him under the bus and they're giving him this as an out. ... I want this man under trial for mass genocide, not just canceled because animal cruelty.

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Big one: Leather working and shoe cobbling. Does anyone here know a single person in this modern life who can straight-up create a pair of shoes? If SHTF knocked out the economic flow of goods and services for more than 3 months or so, someone who could make a pair of shoes out of an old leather hide and a rubber tire would be worth their weight in gold.

by Quelle
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He's got a point here, but I got to take this opportunity to point out some sad truths about Wood...

Does anybody remember how Lin Wood became a hero/star in this movement in the first place? It was because he "helped" Kyle Rittenhouse...

Well Lin Wood was eventually fired by the Rittenhouse family, and now Wood is demanding donations back from Kyle Rittenhouse. Donations We The People made to a charity on behalf of the Kenosha Kid, not his lawyer... but now Lin Wood is pressing charges to snatch that money back from the Rittenhouse defense...

I'm serious, look into it... We got to stop applauding this guy. Lin Wood is very much beginning to look like a snake in the grass, unfortunately.

Remember when Trump slapped down his run for SC Governor? I think it's possible GEOTUS may know some things we don't...

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I would hope this. Not sure though, seems just as possible it could have been black hats trying to 'burn the evidence,' so to speak.

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I really hope he goes back to the doctor to say "BOY, WERE YOU WRONG! HEY MAYBE YOU SHOULD STOP KILLING PEOPLE?!"

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I DO think Trump made deals with China - in the Forbidden City, where he also made deals with Kim Jun UN at the time. I'm also a firm believer that there was some sort of deal with the Taliban, which is why I am always taking news out of Afghanistan with a major grain of salt. We know for a fact he met with and communicated with these various 'enemies of America' (AKA enemies of the Cabal) during his presidency several times. I think all of these various 'regimes' are nothing when compared to the evil of the NWO Satanic Cabal crowd, and think Xi and many of these various regimes would prefer to rule their own countries without the interference of evil clowns with plans for world domination.

THAT BEING SAID, that is not a 17. It is a 71, and it is apparently a standard flying formation. I see anons saying "think mirror," but even with a mirror image or view from above that formation still wouldn't be a 17.

I guess I'm saying that OP's conclusion is sound, but this particular picture doesn't qualify as evidence for said conclusion.

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I don't think so, which is good. BUT why in the hell would they even WANT to reduce penalties? It suggests they plan for more future voter fraud and don't want the perpetrators to be punished severely if caught.

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While I am "done" with the Republican Party, I am by no means actually done with the Party. The sad truth is if we don't remain locally informed, vigilant, and active, we have no one to blame but ourselves when either a Dem or a Rep votes to throw us down the shitter. UNtil something big really shakes up both parties at once, we are stuck fighting nutty Leftists and back-stabbing RINOS at the same time. We must work hard to identify and replace them all. YEAH, I KNOW... BIG JOB. YUGE. BIGGEST EVER PROBABLY. But... I am not sure what other options we have!

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Why did Gov. Abbott and Texas Republicans in the House and Senate decriminalize voter fraud in SB 1? First, let’s get a definition straight.
Decriminalize: To reduce or abolish criminal penalties You read that right. SB 1, signed by Gov. Abbott into law, reduced voter fraud criminal penalties from a 2nd Degree Felony to a Class A Misdemeanor! Source: SB 1, Section 9.03, pages 72-73, changed Election Code § 64.012. Before SB 1 was passed and Gov. Abbott signed it into law… Ineligible voting was a 2nd degree felony. Duplicate voting was a 2nd degree felony. Voting a ballot belonging to another person was 2nd degree felony. Fraudulent marking of ballots was a 2nd degree felony. Now, these acts of fraud are all classified as Class A misdemeanors! SB 1 changed Texas Election Code § 64.012.

New: voting in a Texas election and in another state’s election with a federal office on the ballot – when the election is on the SAME day – is also only a Class A Misdemeanor!

Was this Speaker Phelan’s deal with the still unpunished Democrats who broke quorum? Why would Abbott and Patrick go along with this? Looks like Democrats were rewarded with voter fraud punishment weakened!

DO NOT ACCEPT THIS! TAKE ACTION NOW! The 3rd Special Session ends Oct. 19!

Tell Gov. Abbott he needs to fix this! ONLY Abbott can add this to the 3rd Special Session agenda call!

We don’t want criminal penalties for voter fraud reduced!

Call Gov. Abbott: (512) 463-2000 | 8 AM - 5 PM & (512) 463-1782 Opinion Hotline Email Abbott: https://gov.texas.gov/contact & click on “I want to share my opinion.” Post message & tag Abbott on Facebook: @TexansForAbbott Post message & tag Abbott on Twitter: @GregAbbott_TX Post message & tag Abbott on Instagram: @governorabbott

Call these two men – Abbott’s closest top advisors! They need to hear you now! Email Abbott’s Senior Policy Director: [email protected] Call Abbott’s Senior Policy Director: Steve Munisteri (512) 463-1830 Email Abbott’s Chief of Staff: [email protected] Call Abbott’s Chief of Staff: Luis Saenz (512) 463-1762 Remember, only Abbott can add fixing this mess to the Special Session Call #3. That’s why we’re focused on him for this action but let your State Rep. and State Senator know you are not happy!

TIP: When any of these excuse-makers want to debate this, ask them this question:

Abbott’s staff: Did he or did he not sign a bill into law that reduces criminal penalties for voter fraud? Yes, or no?

Legislators: Did you or did you not vote to reduce criminal penalties for voter fraud? Yes, or no?

Don’t let them spin out of this! Yes, there are good parts to SB 1, but we are not debating that now. We want criminal penalties for voter fraud increased – not reduced!

Thanks for giving them a piece of your mind! They richly deserve it!

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I think most of this deserves attention, research, and exposing, but once we get audit results that needs to be our primary focus when it comes to "what information we spread to the masses."

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They have everything from the infamous Buffalo Shaman to the angry FBI agent in a Q shirt. There's even an ultra-rare Vincent Fusca that transforms into JFK Jr, and a power-action Codemonkey Z with kungfu-keyboard-grip.

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They're collectible plastic models with kung-fu grip. They have everything from the infamous Buffalo Shaman to the angry FBI agent in a Q shirt. There's even an ultra-rare Vincent Fusca/JFK Jr transformer. Collect all 17.

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Color me shocked that a mainstream outlet actually reported that anons were warning against attending. I would have assumed they would be blasting headlines like "Qanon figures excited to prepare for explosively violent September 18 rally" everywhere.

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Good point. There are people out there (I know 'em) that really aren't necessarily Democrat loyalists, but are truly under the spell that Trump was so evil that he was bad for both parties and had to be removed at any cost... I really think many of them internally excuse the voter fraud because they genuinely believed it had to be done.

People need to know Trump wasn't a one-off that was pulled in a desperate attempt to save America. People need to know their votes really haven't mattered for decades, and on many levels of government, not just the Presidential race of 2020.

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Lol you took that WAAAY too seriously. And don't shame me, you're the one sharing obvious fraud and imposter posts as though it is somehow useful to anything.

Look, these fraudster accounts shill for donations and fish for people's personal information in order to commit identify theft. When you pass out blatantly fraudulent accounts it's pretty much the same as forwarding your friends a Nigerian Prince email...

Whether intentional or not, you are assisting the scammers when you do so. So sorry, but when I come across someone scamming people, I'm gonna call it out and mock it. This type of scam needs to be recognized and squashed, not shared with other patriots.

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Dude, please. Fuck off. Come on. Seriously. Just fuck the fuck off. Come on now.

His first post is "I'm ready, Mr. President?" Well great, now every defendant can claim it was just a political hit job. Great job, 'Durham', you spent 5 years being a lawfare ninja only to blow the whole Plan with your first shitty Telegram post. Claps all around, Durham!

I'm gonna assume you must be the owner of this very clearly fake Durham acct and you're in here shillin for new followers because I really don't want to think people on this site are this dumb.

Countdown to 'Durham' dropping links to superduper cool gold-plated Trump coins that are only available for a limited time in 10...9...8...

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I could care less about their fence, we ought to close it up and keep them all in there. BUT I am really concerned about this BS false flag setup rally on the 18th and wish there was some way we could stop it from happening.

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I think everything you described is happening BECAUSE the walls are closing in on THEM.

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It's a good review and collection of the day's Habbenings, but just remember that Dave is optmist to a fault. Absolutely everything is part of the Plan to him, and America's gonna be saved next week.

Lol but honestly if you take that into account, I can't name another video creator/podcaster who can deliver me the best of today's patriot/anon news in 30 minutes on a daily basis. I listened to him as far back as the Obummer years.

When you have days where you want to know what's going on outside of the MSM, but you don't have time to pour through posts and articles for endless hours, guys like X22 and LT of And We Know really come in handy for me on the drive home from work or at the gym or whatever.

by Quelle
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WHOA. This could get VERY interesting.

by Quelle
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I very much recall seeing the graduating class pics of the nearby school (the one that was actually open), and basically every child that died that day just so happened to have an older but identical sibling. Uncanny the genetics in that town.

On the non-sarcastic side, yeah i mean all they needed to do was show us old pictures of cute kids and tell us they were dead - the whole country was traumatized already by the time they started naming the 'victims.' That was easily one of the most succesful full-throttle all-in hoaxes ever carried out against the American public.

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Holy smoke all 5 "conservative" justices actually voted in a constitutional manner. I'm genuinely shocked.

You know, if we are to really believe that Ttump "allowed the fraud" in order to expose it in a longterm plan, then the three justices he chose just may not be the backstabbing scumbags many of us assumed they were when they turned down voter fraud cases.

They are now in a position to vote constitutionally on various matters without the optics of "they're TRUMP'S handpicked corrupt Justices, reeeeeee!" I'm sure lefties will say it but now it's a pretty weak argument since they have done absolutely nothing to support him.

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Hey man, after calling me "pants-on-head," I think you are going to have to address these leaked Google docs about censoring 'Cov Fe Fe,' since you are clearly the smartest cat here:



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