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lol...no...i'm saying i heard on some podcast...maybe Rogan...where some scientists or people tried infiltrating into some simian group and were successful.

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that judge is soooo icky. making sure he gets published with his shirt off is off the charts "ick".

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I heard somewhere that some humans made themselves up like apes err something and were able to trick the apes into thinking they were apes.

This alone gives me pause not to dismiss this ridiculous at first glance theory out of hand.

Because: A) I certainly believe there are more advanced life forms than humans that exist. B) I certainly believe that more advanced life forms could trick humans into thinking they are other humans.

However, if they were so advanced, it is hard to imagine a motive for them to do this seemingly pointless exercise.

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The toughest "patriots are in control" pill for me is how we had most of humanity on Earth injected with a DS mystery juice. Basically the laws on Earth apparently allow a tiny few people to inject everyone on planet Earth and the ingredients don't even have to be revealed.

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I read all your comments in this thread. Are you sure you're not getting ahead of yourself? There's plenty of people claiming God while being leftists. Heck look at the Vatican. Many lefty churches as well.

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family of four here. been very healthy 2019 thu till this Winter. this winter the family finally has started getting lots of colds. one such illness that i think we passed around, wife and mother are convinced was "covid" of some sort because it lasted a while and they did lose their tasted. but everyone is through it now, including my 80 plus year old mother. Our D-levels are all 50-80 btw. plus we do vit C, EGCG, quercetin, etc..

Overall, very happy about our health results, but this winter definitely was different.

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i was thinking Xi was good and ccp is bad.

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I've had this same thought many times, but I think they don't announce and hype unless they have dead man switches in place.

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I think michelle was born female...just look images and look at those narrow girly knee caps.

That being said, I thought this "Michelle is trans" rumor had started years ago as being that she is Female to Male. And there's some evidence that Obama is gay, so perhaps, Michelle has had some Female to Male surgeries?

I don't know. But reality is sooo much stranger than fiction.

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So you're saying if Trump regains the White House, than the DS will call off their media propaganda channels, and Soros groups will shut down their operations?, etc...

The only "read" I made in my comment is that without accountability and sunlight beforehand, than his second term will be all attacks all the time like his first term.

And you don't agree?

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"too much is as bad as too little" ~~ this is what the media pushes out with countless articles. As a result, people get gun shy and take 600-1000 IU's/day which does next to nothing.

I agree that you will get sick if you go crazy taking a ton of it. But I've listened to many people remark that they're not sure they've ever heard of anyone dying from Vit. D overdose. I even heard of someone taking the liquid form and accidently ingesting millions of IU's over a period of time and he got hospitalized, realized his calculation error, and then fully recovered.

Pharma articles constantly scare monger people into small doses because our low Vitamin D epidemic is good for their business.

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2000 IU is too low. Unless you're like a skinny young teenager. A good default amount for an adult man of normal size would be 10,000 IU/day. Or...take one 50,000 IU pill per week. This is all assuming you don't have the cash/time to start seeing a Naturopathic and get your blood tested to find out where you're at to begin with.

My Vit D blood level was only 16 when I got on the horse in early 2020. It took a while but I eventually got myself up to the 60-90 range that I believe is optimal.

Strange as it is, taking the one 50,000 IU pill once/week, actually raises your levels quicker than taking 70,000 IU per week via 10,000 IU/ day.

But whatever, the important thing is get above 50. Heck, when I got myself from 16 to the 30's, my energy felt soooo much better overall.

Vitamin D supplementation is one of the most important things I ever learned in my life. It is such a scam that our medical community shuns it. 90% Doctors = trained seals.

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I can't take another term like Trump's first term. There must be a reckoning of sorts before he takes office again. Leftist noses need to be rubbed in their own feces. We need sunlight on their most hideous crimes and their election crimes beforehand. Our country can't take another term of DS media spazzing about Russia, Russia, Russia, and 2 scoops of ice cream. And I'll definitely throw up in my mouth if they send out millions of the pussy hat brigade crying about their "rights" that they're missing, but yet can't actually verbalize about (beyond like having to drive to a neighbor state now to kill their own child).

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But it's not election time for Fetterman...that's 2026

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whenever I think of GWB, I think of the Johnny Gosch/ Jeff Gannon/ Karl Rove rabbit hole.. It is soooo weird. Look that up sometime when you have a few hours. or... Prescott Bush roots funding the Nazi regime. Yes, really.

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I thought we were all caught up to the fact that Trump was probably a chs that helped get Epstein arrested the first time.

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I bet he was involved......as a chs that got Epstein arrested the first time

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