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There comes a time when you can no longer weigh your options.

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How about both of you shut up?

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I don't think the Vietnamese liked Biden either though...

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At least 4 to 6 different people were actively using Q to make drops, based on subtle differences in the writing styles, cultural references, tastes in media, and introduced knowledge.

I think Scavino was one of them, and he used Q to shout-out to Patriots on Twitter;


As an example.

The post;

3 seconds. Dan is to blame.

Someone had taken the lead with Q, Dan was 3 seconds behind on Twitter, when the target was a same-time post.

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schtick might have mainly been an effort to put forward his business ventures



Proof provided.

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Let's see what happens.

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Are you familiar with her writing style and speech patterns?

This shit's real.

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Scavino most likely posted the vast majority of the Q drops personally.

Maybe the shout-outs to patriots on Twitter. Aside from those, no, I wouldn't say he coordinated Q drops.


Coordinated with Q drops, however, is a different answer.

It's exciting to know my frens and I aren't crazy.

Moreso knowing how many don't know they aren't.

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You may have thought, "I've heard this before." Chances are: You have.

Define: Mission Statement.

a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

This is only the beginning.

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Well as long as we're screwing around...



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He knew.

Our country is being destroyed. We see that fact, regardless of our political beliefs or if we trust the plan. Even real Democrat voters cringe at what they see.

It had to be this way.

It's not what I would have done, but there's a reason I, and those who would respond like me, were not the ones offered the challenge. I, morally, could not have let the enemy make the mistakes they have - that would have fractured our Country and left it vulnerable and irreparable without great cost. Instead, We the People are being unified against them. That's the better alternative, though with it's own costs that many of us here as well have to suffer through.

No matter how much 'empathy' you think you have, you have to make sacrifices, and the option for the fewer, is the better option. Everyone has immense value, and if you allow your biases to get in your way as I would have, it would have crippled us by the end, and we'd be the last ones standing against the rest of the world.

He's done exactly what he was supposed to, and unfortunately for many, that has meant let the Democrats do exactly what they wanted to without resistance - they walked us into the mess we are in today, with absolutely no help whatsoever to do so.

That means no sabotage, no interference, no suggestion.

That all is about to change very soon. You can feel free to hold me to it if I'm wrong. I won't be, I trust my frens and I trust Trump.

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He has no control over how many followers he has.

Well, technically he does, but to manipulate it would be more inconvenient than the alternative.

If he's messaging (he is), he's using following. Not followers.

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It's kinda funny if you see 964.


Very relevant to his October 1 tweet here:


The change to 965:


Makes sense.

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And the Trump supporters for which you clearly have so much contempt are going to keep fighting for you.

Nah, I'll pass on that. Fix 2020 first buddy, you are no longer a priority.

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The 'Triangle' pictured is the focus. Why is it on these vestments on World Youth Day of all days? Do you know what that triangle represents?


'Cult' does not even begin to describe the usurpers of the Catholic Church - and if you think Protestantism or Orthodoxy are safe, consider the tale of Jerry Falwell Jr.

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There are no coincidences.

No coincidences. World Youth Day. The BLogo does not appear in Christianity; 6 lines form the triangle. You must realize, at this point, the power of 6.



Above is not to condemn Catholics, but the Satanists that have infiltrated the Church thereof. After all, some Catholics are heroes:


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