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Putin Declares the End of NWO


I just read the full transcripts from Putin’s speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) Friday, 06/17/22. Just WOW. It is extremely eye opening to read his message. Surprisingly, I have to agree with him on everything he said. He kinda sounds like Trump to be honest.

I highly suggest you read the entire thing, but let’s break down some passages that stuck out to me:

-“the era of the unipolar world order is over, I want to start with this, there is no escape, it is over despite all attempts to preserve it, preserve it for any medium.”

Kinda sounds like he’s saying “nothing can stop what is coming”. Putin has been adamant that he’s taking out the neo-nazis and NWO. He claims it’s all theater at this point. Window dressing until their inevitable defeat.

“The United States, having declared victory in the Cold War, declared themselves the messengers of the Lord on Earth, who have no obligations, but only interests, and these interests are declared sacred.”

“They (United States) are captives of their own delusions about countries outside the so-called “golden billion”: they consider everything else to be the periphery, their backyard, they still treat them like colonies, and the people who live there consider them second-class people . , because they are considered exceptional. If they are exceptional, everyone else is second class.”

“Therefore, an irrepressible desire to punish, financially crush those who stand out from the general ranks, they do not want to blindly obey. Furthermore, they rudely and shamelessly impose their own ethics, views on culture and ideas on history and sometimes question the sovereignty and integrity of states, creating a threat to their existence. Suffice it to recall the fate of Yugoslavia and Syria, Libya and Iraq.”

Here, we see Putin saying some harsh, but accurate things about the United States and how they have conducted themselves on a global stage since the end of the Cold War. Putin is right. Actors within the US government pushed illegal and dangerous biological activity directly onto Russia’s border, left countries in an absolute state of destruction, waged bloody and pointless wars, only seeking to fulfill the self interests of a global order. Sounds like Trump talking about the Deep State to me.

Putin then goes on to speak more directly about Russia and their economic plan moving forward to fill the void left by the dissolving “unipolar world order”.

Sounds to me like he and Trump have the same global interests. Sounds to me like Putin isn’t the genocidal maniac the Western media complex painted him out to be. Sounds to me like the US have been the “evil empire” for the past 30 years, and the rest of the world are rightfully sick of our shit.

You can claim Putin is pushing Russian propaganda, but ask yourself… where’s the lie? Did he say anything that wasn’t true? If anything he was pulling his punches. I would have said a lot worse.

But from what I can gather, Putin appears to be, as of now, an ally to the People of Earth. As is Trump. Trump and Putin seem to be in agreement as it pertains to globalism. Putin and Xi are also allied, and in agreement with Russian MIL’s findings on US biolabs in Ukraine. Xi and Trump also have a rather peculiar and friendly relationship.

We are not that far off from a coalition of the 3 world superpowers to stand up to the global Deep State. And that’s what it would take to garner enough global support to prosecute the Deep State players and truly awaken the world to the crimes against humanity.

It’s a long shot, but it might be the only shot we got.



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Very sad and it makes me angry. They don’t get to decide. The article mentions the Milgram experiment. It makes me wonder if the WHO’s end goal was to see how far we would go with vax pressure and how far we would follow hospital directives in order to prep for the next scamdemic. I feel like we have just been through Dr. Evil’s scientific/psychological experiment.

Bless you momma bear for protecting your daughter NeverStopBeleiving!

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Maybe that speaks to how stupid they think we are. I like the theory about letting Newson steal the cal recall to give them a false sense of security and then bam, 2000 mules. They are arrogant and have been above the law, 40,000 feet about the law, for so long they think they can do anything. There day is coming. May God judge them accordingly.

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This all comes down to one basic premise and when you understand this, life gets a lot easier. I am in charge of and control my feelings. YOU can’t make me feel anything without MY permission. I choose how to feel and how to respond to you.

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Thank you all for unpacking this a bit more. I do believe their hubris cost them big time in this instance. I also believe they will go scorched earth because they have nothing to lose. Most of these people are in their 80s with more money than 99% of the population, but they can’t stop their love of money, lies, and destruction. They are soulless and may God judge them accordingly.

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I just watched it. I highly recommend it. I’m wondering why she is not dead. She must have had some sort of NDA.

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Finally this got stickied! Additional info from Bioclandestine

I have been so focused on the present, I have been neglecting the past. I cannot believe it took me this long to piece this final connection together…

Given what we know now about the biological network in Ukraine facilitated by the DNC, it makes A LOT more sense as to why the Dems in Congress absolutely lost their minds when Trump made a phone call to Ukraine…

It’s just now dawning on me that reason the House impeached Trump over Ukraine… was to cover up Trump finding out about DNC biological activity in Ukraine, by deterring any further contact.

As soon as Trump started snooping around in Ukraine and talking about Hunter, the Dems, the media, social media, big tech, launched an all-out assault to impeach Trump over a phone call. Meanwhile the Dems, big corporations, and non-government foundations, all had direct relations with the Ukrainian government to make BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS, to then unleash on the planet, to steal elections and implement globalism under the guise of public health, combined with the largest propaganda/brainwashing campaign in history. Quite the double standard there…

If Trump was impeached for a nothing burger phone call to Ukraine, what can we expect from Joe Biden for committing crimes against humanity, killing millions, and facilitating a biological weapons network in Ukraine?

Notice how much the enemy squirms when anyone gets close to talking about their biological network? They impeached Trump for inquiring about Ukraine. Media/Big Tech censored the Hunter Laptop story and spread disinformation that the emails of dirty Metabiota dealings weren’t real. They censored me and anyone else who talked about the biolabs and spread disinformation claiming there were no US funded biolabs un Ukraine. They heavily censored any talk of C19 origin talk and labeled anything other than the narrative as “covid disinformation” to prevent sheep from finding out that C19 came from a lab funded by the US.

They expend so much ammunition to keep this secret, because they know the consequences if it gets out.


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In time to testify at the J6 hearing? That would be spicy.

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Haha. Then how are we going to get that vax tracker app going, sister? They are stupid. It’s very funny when they react and go off script. I can hear the overlords now!

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Ok I new to posting and I just did a cleaner version. This is crazy.

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In May, Drag Story Hour NYC, previously known as Drag Queen Story Hour NYC, earned $46,000 from city contracts for appearances at venues where children are the prime audience and has received a total of $207,000 in taxpayer cash since 2018, New York Post reports. “The tally includes $50,000 from New York State through its Council on the Arts, along with $157,000 from the city’s Departments of Education, Cultural Affairs, Youth and Community Development, and even the Department of Transportation,” the Post reported. “Most of the money was allocated by city council members from their discretionary budgets, who set aside $80,000 for the group in the current fiscal year — more than tripling the $25,000 earmarked in 2020.”

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I have appreciated Clandestine’s view in all of this. I do think this is part of the plan. It ties things up in a nice package and hey, we just sent Ukraine another 1.2 Billion. Blackmail much? “Give us money or you all are going down.” I’m so tired of sending money to other countries.

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