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I fucking hate Scott passionately, not because he’s a faggot or a groomer, even though he’s clearly both of those things. It’s because he’s the perfect personification of the soyfaced, passive aggressive, glasses wearing, beard hiding a weak jawline, premature balding, limp wristed, effeminate nu-male, mental picture I’ve built up in my mind, made flesh and bone. Like in Ghostbusters when they chose the form of their destroyer and brought the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man to life. That’s this guy and I fucking despise looking at his weakness that he clearly prides as a strength!

He and everything he represents need to be fucking obliterated from this plane of existence and every conceivable reality humanity might exist in.

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Surgically removed their vocal cords to stop their crying too.

That sick shit alone should earn a death penalty

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These environmental extremists seemingly have a death wish and a vendetta to get everyone to hate them and their cause. Who runs this cult?

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Hanging is too good for them

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Back in 4th grade around 2002, I got in trouble for holding a fucking wood chip from the playground that was in the shape of a gun

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“How to tell someone has HIV/AIDS without them telling you”

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This is the same guy who made knowingly giving someone an STD not a crime in California

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Oh my god fuck this soy boy, he’s the same bitch who got California to make knowingly giving someone an STD not a crime. I wonder the fuck why? Wouldn’t surprise me this fag was a pedo too!

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Except he never wanted war, and made called for peace on several occasions that all fell on deaf ears. How narratively convenient that’s never mentioned in the history books.

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Check out the book “Hitler’s Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs, and Foreign Affairs” VERY well researched books, with many many many sources from original German documents sourced from UK and Russian not found anywhere in the US or talked about in history books. We were lied to for generations!!

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Vibrational frequencies are the key to understanding everything big and small in our world and reality.

“God is in the rhythm”

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Isn’t this the same guy with dreads who was at another town hall a year or so ago criticizing the mask mandates with cries of “hail Fauci!”?

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Seriously, going cold turkey after a decade is like putting a kink into a garden hose and expecting it not to pop sooner or later.

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It’s so fucking hard not to spill your seed for an extended period of time after doing so literally almost every day for a decade…

2 weeks is as far as I’ve made it without caving again.

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That doesn’t sound like “in the next few days you’ll be very, very happy” or “hopefully this day will be remembered as one of the most important in American history”

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I feel that’s what’s ultimately going to transpire by the end of this entire movie we’ve been forced to take part in. But I’m not certain that’s what tonight will be about. Way too many people don’t know a thing about this, and will only confuse most people when we’re still dealing with a fraudulent 2022 election.

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I’m keeping my expectations low, but hoping for the best

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I’ve been following Trump since he first came down the golden escalator in 2015. I even remember in 2011 in my senior year of high school saying why doesn’t Trump run for president.

So yeah, I’m the ride or die type of motherfucker.

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Theodore Roosevelt created the bull moose party which split the republican vote and resulted in the election of Woodrow Wilson, the socialist Democrat who was responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the mess we’re in today.

Splitting the party vote is a terrible idea. I wish it wasn’t the case but it’s true.

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US Military: “we have it all, these are the REAL results of the elections of the last 6 years, and here are all the names big and small guilty of the fraud”

Patriots: “I KNEW IT!”

Normies: “WTF? I knew something was up but this is crazy!”


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