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The title should read "Russia allows Ukraine to keep 75% of it's territory"

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He talks the talk and is fun to watch in the debates but I still don't trust him.

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I agree. It's no secret that both JR and RB are liberals but if they are able to reach out to and wake up their audiences, I think that's a good thing.

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Hit piece springs to mind

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Who else did he call a Nazi? I caught the bit about Ukraine, Zelensky and the Nazi reference there, but there is truth to that.

I don't disagree either with some of the other comments here about playing a part, fishing for votes etc. I think that's very plausible.

Still entertaining though, especially exposing those other POS's on stage.

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He did bring the heat and was entertaining to watch. Also loved the comment about two people on stage wearing heels LMAO!

Not sure I trust him fully yet but he does have balls and I like calling a spade a spade.

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I'm not anti-Jew or anti any religion for that matter but I am tired of all this 'don't criticize Jews' bullshit. Even if I didn't like Jews, do I not have the same right to criticize as I do with any other faith?

I see Islam criticized and that's allowed. I see Christianity criticized and that's allowed. Just don't mention Jews.

How much longer are they going to keep playing the 'because holocaust' free pass? It's becoming like the 'because I'm black' excuse.

I believe it's fair to call out the actions of anyone, including our own Govt, regardless of religion if they are committing war crimes.

I recognize genocide when I see it and I would have thought given their history, Jews would have an even better understanding of what that means.

I'm also not pro Hamas or pro Islam and condemn their action equally.

Personally, I condemn both sides for attacking civilians and it's time this farce between Israel and Palestine was settled at the peace table once and for all. I think DJT was making progress towards that goal.

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Islamophobia only came to light after the 9.11 FF and then for the next 20 years waging war against Muslims. When our Govt is constantly telling us how bad and dangerous all these Islamic radicals are and what a threat to our society they are, is it any wonder people feel the way they do?

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After reading this, the result in Kentucky and the voting machine shenanigans in PA, I still have the feeling there is fuckery afoot.

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If I take this at face value, because it sounds plausible, the question it raises for me is "Who decided exactly which vial each patient (victim) got?"

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It's an opinion.

He doesn't say "She is" he says "I think that". It's his opinion.

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President of what? USA or Trump Organization?

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Some of the questions you pose I don't really have answers for. The mass immigration in Europe over the last few decades has undoubtedly affected culture.

When it was still organic and migrants made up a small percentage, then the culture was safe, if not even enriched.

What we have now is a complete imbalance and the cultures and traditions of many countries are at risk IMO.

I wonder if that's the goal. To kill off our national pride, to dilute it into oblivion.

All that said, before all this globalist shit started, I lived peacefully together with jews, muslims, christians, hindus etc. It wasn't an issue.

Same with race, it was never an issue (and I grew up in a very multi culti city).

I think part of the problem is due to the propaganda bs we've been subjected to. Told that Islam is our enemy etc. That influences people and has consequences.

We are all victims of this game of division being played upon us.

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How do you know they are all Muslim? Is it possible that some are just sick and tired of Israel's persecution of Palestinians, the inhumane attitude and treatment and the war crimes committed that are always protected behind the all encompassing "because holocaust" excuse.

When can we stop looking at people based on faith, race, political views etc and just concentrate on getting along together?

BTW, I'm neither anti-Islam nor anti-jew, I'm simply anti war.

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