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Unfortunately that would be too easy and doesn’t necessarily fit with other q proofs. I think Putin will be our scare event- Plus I dont’ believe Hawaii opened anyones’ eyes that werent’ already open.

MAL did more eye opening than Hawai :O(

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Boy I want this to be true but it seems like a trust me bro - plus ok ey3s on fed reserve- for what purpose?

Im a gme ape and have seen this too many times not to question a bit deeper

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Is there a link where Amazon is saying this? I’m no fan of Amazon but that doesn’t mean I blindly trust an image or a “trust me bro” post. Where did Amazon state this?

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I take zelenskys vitamins - since 2020 haven’t been sick at all with the exception of a sinus infection. Just make sure you take it with food. Zinc will make you puke if taken on an empty stomach

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Yeah I don’t think the shirt means anything. He’s still rotten to the core

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