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First off .. YES, shameless datefagging ensues … but please hear me out …

The Continuing resolution runs out on 17 November.

Then comes:


10 Days.


Stay with me Anons … Q posted “DARNKESS” in post 97. K and N are switched. K is 11th Letter. Switched with N. November is the 11th month (duh).

Q was asked in a QnA: “ 10 days. darkness … WHEN?”

Q answered “SHUTDOWN

On 17 November, the govt will SHUTDOWN. Cant approve a new budget or CR without a SOTH. Need the shutdown to “turn off” the deepstate mechanisms. I bet you the kabuki theater in Congress right now is to make for sure the resolution runs out. On the SEVENTEENTH (theres that number again!) the govt shuts down.

On the 27th of November we emerge from DARK to LIGHT