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CONSERVATIVE: "Hey, you see those Patriot Front guys? They hide their faces and they wear khakis. They must be feds, right?"

ME: "They are not feds: They hide their faces because they don't want their lives ruined. We live in a country that is run by people who hate White people."

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Its how unironic communism progresses- begin to charge/punish victims over perpetrators. Thats been going on in america for quite a few decades now.

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My stomach is feeling better. It might be lame news, but climbing out of illness and getting an appetite back feels really good.

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Its not a popular opinion, but I would like to remind the thread that Clif High is just flatout wrong. Repeatedly. Hes charismatic, and I think he truly believes what hes saying, but hes incorrect A LOT.

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Remember, hes had a LOT of pictures with old Skippy there. I dont doubt hes done some nasty, nasty stuff

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Based. Salute to the OP in the picture

edit: that pretty much reflects my journey to Christianity. Covid scared me in early 2020 so I thought Id try and get right by God but I wound up staying. Im still very new to all of this but after being raised an aetheist, Im glad to be here

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Meanwhile Don Jr: Dont mutilate kids, just wait until youre 18!

The two parties arent all that different. There are plenty of (young) adults who are groomed as well. How about EVERYONE stop mutilating themselves, regardless of age? Just my opinion.

Where are the rational people who say men are men, women are women? Probably off hiding somewhere. Again, just my opinion.

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What kind of a goblin mutt is that grandson?

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“The degree to which government agencies effectively had full access to everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind, I was not aware of that,” said Musk.

I know hes playing a part, but really elon, you cant be THAT naive

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Yup, its definitely fiction (parts of it are probably true) but its a good read

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Unpopular take in a thread full of boomers but:

This company does not reward me for my hard work, there are no bonuses or any room for growth, so why should I kill myself for 12.50 an hour? With no insurance? Theyll let you burn yourself out then just hire somebody else, rinse and repeat.

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Clif High is an interesting read, he's clearly educated, but he is also undeniably wrong (incorrect) about a TON of stuff. A broken clock is right twice a day, but take anything he says with a grain of salt.

He stated we were likely going to be facing gas at 10-15$ a gallon at the pump by the end of february. It's now april and while gas prices are awful, it's not 10$. Don't put much weight behind what he says because he's simply incorrect.

edit: and you cant forget his humongous khazarian mafia cope. He cant say 'there are bad people out there who are jewish.' He vehemently insists that there's an outside group of impostors who PRETEND to be jewish, just to give them a bad name. Or they are simply bad people who happen to be jewish.

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