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Either you identify as Z or "not Z" Lol I'll see myself out

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I wonder if they need writers. I have some works I've been trying to get professionally published but the whole writing industry is filled with pronoun dependent snobs.

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Interesting note. On 4/11 TWTR's price hit a LOD at 42.50. On the same day, DWAC hit a HOD at a certain price. I'll give you one guess as to what it was.

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Don't be afraid. Fear is the great deactivator.

Instead do as you were meant to do and confront life head on. Accept challenges, learn as much as you can, set the example for others to follow.

Move your body every day. Lift, run, stretch. Eat well. Natural foods, rich in nutrients, and practice moderation.

Don't oversleep!

Enjoy everything this world has to offer. Nature sunshine. Humanity.

Do these things, and all of the other problems health, jabs, or otherwise, will sort themselves out. You will be healthy, you will find the things that fulfil you, you will surround yourself with the right people, and most importantly, you wont live in fear or anger.

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Leftists build tent towns and crappy shanty's.

Patriots create well designed structures.

There's a meme in here somewhere.

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Sometimes redpills are suppository.

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We the people: "You two are found guilty of treason which punishment do you choose, death or exile?"

Dirty rat: squeaks in communist exile?

WTP: "Very well. And what about you Dirty Rat #2?"

Dirty Rat #2: Reeee's in traitorese Death!

WTP: "Very well. We sentence you to death... By exile."

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Godfather Ill

3 = Ill = ill

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Whelp... grape a snorkel and goggles Let's see where this goes.

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Step 1: get your hands on some horse paste since there is a possibility of being infected with parasites that have been found in some of the vaccines.

Step 2: Begin an immune system boosting supplement regimen. I.e. vitamin C, zinc, selenium, possibly activated charcoal if you have planned fasting periods.

Step 3: Begin a solid detox protocol to flush your system of metals, plastics, toxins, etc.

Hope this helps

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Dog comms lol

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All claims are larp until PROVEN otherwise. Hopium feels good man, but don't let it cloud your senses. Stay vigilant fren

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So my initial thought hearing this was what if HAARP was real? And if the cabal has control of it, then they are really low on ammunition if they need to use it to quell the awakening populous. If the white hats have control of it, then BAM! More necessity for construction further fueling populous motivation. Win win amirite?

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