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Probably because he provides competition.

Was the male cousin he was fucking of age?

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Oh no!

Woes to the hollow, opportunist who seems to believe in nothing...

Well, that isn't true, he does seem to believe in the right to bang dudes, especially his own cousin.

Wouldn't be surprised if he gets Monkeypox.

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He didn't write it... just by looking at that cover, some chick named "Mary Wood" just took a bunch of stuff he has said previously, slapped a cover on it and is shamelessly trying to make money off it.

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Award shows are hot garbage... but award shows that HE hosts are incredible.

The guy is savage, holds nothing back. Calling out Wienstein as a fucking pig on stage, with Harvey sitting 20 feet away, calling Hollywood a bunch of deviants, only at the awards show to suck eachother off before returning home to do drugs and fuck anything that moves.

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This same dude has, for 5 years, been claiming he has rock solid proof of voter fraud but hasn't shown any of it.

Guy is a shyster.

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I doubt this has anything to do with the vaccine, just another media scare tactic. A few dozen people get some disease that has been around for decades and OMG!!! TIME FOR PANIC!!!

And they still report but try to ignore that this disease seems to only spread through dudes engaging in ass banging.

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Psssssst, it's in countries where dude's ramming ass is acceptable.

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This wouldn't surprise me, but from everything I've read this is one more case of DON'T HAVE BUTT SEX!!!

As far as I know, virtually all the new cases are from gay men, hamming butts and having a grand ole time.

Avoid the butt sex and you'll be fine.

Also, even if you just can't resist that wild urge to ram ass, this is apparently almost entirely curable.

But still... don't ram ass. It is gross.

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Festering sores are nothing new. These types of diseases have existed throughout recorded history.

Monkeypox isn't new either, there was an outbreak of it in the early 2000s, it just didn't get much press because there wasn't a 24 hour news media that lived on terrifying people.

Want to avoid monkeypox? Don't buy weird animals from Africa and don't engage in butt fucking, especially with people who just got back from Africa and are covered in gross festering sores.

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Putin decided to intercede on a conflict of his creation.

The "Separatist" regions didn't conjure up tanks, AA systems, artillery, rocket launchers without Putin funding them.

Virtually none of these people would be dead if not for Putin's SELF ADMITTED goal of recreating the USSR.

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The Brits DID beat Argentina in a war.

As for your first point... we're not going to agree so I won't bother to argue much. But Putin doesn't give two shits about children, and any interest he has in bioweapons is to steal the tech for his Russia's gain.

Putin fucked up. NATO is stronger and more united than it has been in decades, nations that had no interest in joining are now going to. I agree that there ARE Nazi's fighting on Ukraine's side, and instead of ending nazism in Ukraine these dudes are now going to be worshiped as war heroes there.

This is a catastrophe for Russia.

Although, in my personal opinion... it has proven the pointlessness of NATO... because other than it's possession of nukes, Russia's military has been proven to be an absolute joke.

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NATO was created to counter the Warsaw pact, Britain didn't need it to defeat a 3rd world country like Argentina.

Sweden and Finland wouldn't be joining if Putin hadn't launched this pointless war.

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Can't cope with the fact that there are some harsh truths out there so instead he pretends they don't exist and provides absolutely nothing to back his view...

Probably because you don't even know what you believe. Lost in a sad world where everything is imagined.

I fly you to Ukraine and shove your head up a dead Russians ass and you'd pop out and say "CGI".

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So... convince me?

Or are you unable to articulate your rubbish because it makes zero sense and has zero evidence to support it?

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lol, what a disingenuous way to converse.

You are making a rather outlandish claim... that literally none of this is happening and even RUSSIA is lying about troop deaths.

I am not even asking you to prove your claim, because you can't, I am merely asking WHY Russia would lie and claim their men are dying when they are not?

You're just a troll.

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There hasn't been a war between major powers since WW2, which has got to be a record.

However, that has nothing to do with the UN and everything to do with nukes.

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Yeah, the Russians have admitted to thousands of them. I would say that is proof enough.

Why would Russia lie and say their soldiers are getting killed when they are not?

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Russia has admitted to casualties in their own state media. I can link you thousands of videos of combat but I know you'll just claim they are fake.

I asked a simple question... what do YOU think is going on?

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"And you're under the impression that the invasion would be some sort of attempt to take over the continental US. But more than likely it would be like a stiff gut shot."

That is literally the theme of the original post.

And no, I don't think there is any chance of it happening. It is such a hopeless endeavor that China would never even consider it.

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You miss the point.

You cannot invade another nation without air power and China has ZERO way to provide air power in the continental United States.

There is a 0% chance of China invading this country.

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This is some retarded fiction.

If china used nukes on our soil it would be the end of the world.

If china tried to use conventional warfare for a naval invasion in America they would get obliterated. They have no aircraft carriers and their Air Force is a joke, they have zero ability to project military power outside of mainland China.

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Chechen soldiers are there, but not even Russia is claiming they amount to more than a small percent.

Also, fuck anyone who employs Islamic terrorists as mercenaries.

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