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Thank you. Correct answer. TGP doesn’t always get it right, but they expose the Left many times every day.

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Fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

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Another factor I haven’t seen anyone consider is that the unvaccinated almost to a person knows that a couple days of ivermectin and zinc will fully heal them. Meanwhile, vaccinated people are much more likely to pass up true healing therapeutics.

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I'm a lawyer in Seattle. I've known Inslee for 30 years. He is among the dumbest people I've ever met. Always the last one in the room to get it, with a confused expression, then a delayed response, like, "oh, I get it now" after everyone else has moved on to the next thought.

He's a pawn.

This legislation is clearly a tool of tyranny. They feel safe doing it because the most populous area of the state is VERY liberal/progressive so they know they will always be in power to choose who to punish with this law.

The way to frustrate their use of the law is for law enforcement in red areas of the state to keep arresting lefties for violating the law.

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It feels like Israel is suffering the wrong side of the passover.

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Because she is remote, no one can see that her head is literally up her ass.

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And yet the Dems are alleged to be hoping Hillary can be their nominee in 2024.

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That hashtag all by itself at the end is NO MISTAKE. It can only mean one thing, and that means "checkmate" in chess. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algebraic_notation_(chess)

Bill Gates is a big chess player. He wrote that tweet. He wrote that hashtag. It means something. To a chess player it means checkmate.

He is quite literally saying the next virus will be checkmate.

No one would say that if they weren't playing the game. If they weren't trying to win the game. If the moves don't lead to an endgame.

He is behind this. Absolutely.

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Ghislaine: "none of you bastards came to my aid to get me out of jail, so I don't care if all you are exposed."

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So they created a virus in order to work on a possible vaccine just in case nature somehow made that very virus?

Come on.

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If there was such thing as post of the day, this would be it. Bravo.

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I take the same exact stuff twice a day. It's available on Amazon. Along with 6,000 iu (3 small pills) of D3 each day, and 5,000 mg of Vitamin C each day (spread out over 3 times daily). This is a recipe for a strong immune system.

If the NIH or CDC or FDA or Surgeon General did their job, they'd have told America to use this inexpensive, over-the-counter treatment to make covid slip right past us in the night. A passover, so to speak.

God gave us an immune system. Taken care of properly, it works.

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Which is to say, 100 million people.

If this was designed to cull the population, a Hitler like figure might start with the “weak” people. Like those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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My 17 year old daughter didn’t want to miss out on social events and my wife let her get the Pfizer shots in June.

This is my daughter who has traditionally had the best immune system in our household. She did daycare for two years as a toddler. When the rest of us have gotten sick with various colds and stuff, she had always sailed through it.

But now. Since June she has had (1) mono (no one else in our world had it), (2) a cold that made her miss two days of school, (3) a sinus infection, and (4) the flu. No one else in our house got any of those. Four things that made her bedridden in 5 months. All four of those things are completely different pathogens. Clearly her immune system is compromised.

The jabs are a scam for money making, depopulation and control. Don’t just resist it, lobby everywhere against it.

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Save one of those packages. It will be an exhibit someday in the wave of litigation that punishes everyone who pushed the vaccines on us.

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