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About the time they announce Trump as speaker of the House.

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Gates ya big balled son of a bitch, ya did it. So proud of ya son.

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Lord do not tell me part of the plan is to have a rhino take the gop nomination and get the election stolen from them proving Donald right again. No. No. He’s coming back. He’s got to come back. 😬

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I was interested too. I went to the “About” page and it claims to not be affiliated with any govt org or corporation. Interesting. No flashy CEO or propaganda govt policy shilling. It appears to be privately owned. I then looked up the owners of the physical debt clock. A businessman in NY. Hmmmm, wonder if the clock keeper runs in Trumps circle of people. Hmmmmm. Eyes on for sure.

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That’s interesting because until your post, I only thought that text size thing was a problem with my phone on certain posts. Oddly, you experience it on this particular post and I have not. I see normal text size.

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I nearly died in my own self loathing over this. Jesus saved me. Now it’s a blessing to push her wheelchair.

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I made this mistake too. Now my oldest has a 20% mortality rate and one of the most gnarly epileptic disorders in the world. Just arrived home from our 6mo checkups that are 5hr away from home.

We are all in this boat and the regrets are real. But part of the evil in this world WANTS you to live in that filth of regret and self resentment.

Let it go so you can begin to give your family the best attention and love you can. Don’t let evil continue to win by harboring this in your heart. Ever person alive struggles with something, sometimes it’s even self afflicted but we all struggle with something. Our children’s struggles are just labeled now. That’s the only thing that changed. There’s a label, labels divide. Ignore the evil and move forward with the love and forgiveness God designed for you through the blood of his son Jesus Christ.

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Sometimes I’m real stupid. I don’t get it. Help.

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Keri’s response was priceless. That is how it’s done. Boom.

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Yes they have unleashed a fresh but weak variant. My profoundly disabled child got it and hardly noticed. Yes you poop out the virus and there is a federal monitoring program that tracks c19 from waste water.

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Dravet Syndrome. Take this baby to a larger hospital. Your local small town hospital will take way longer to diagnose and treat this.

Unfortunately seizures this young aren’t a good sign. 10years in with my medically complex child, it’s a journey. Our children are vaccine injured.

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Interesting thought- he is still alive. They haven’t killed him yet. 🧐 Personally after all the trauma the CIA and deep state have put his family through, the hell if I’d run for President. If I lived his life, only way I’d ever go public talking about this is if white hats had me protected. WH in control or this man has the biggest fearless balls of the universe.

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