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He's talking in the past tense like we don't live under ZOG this very moment lol

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Latest reports put the number of injured at 17

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Please. Baldwin is all in on the bullshit. "Send J6 to gitmo". He played a part, albeit probably a small one..put them all on trial.

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These are the kinds of people that make or break a nation. Great to see!

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Even more striking that he would sign this EO in the middle of the Russian election interference hoax. No-one in their right mind would do it unless they knew what was coming.

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In 2018 a total of 52 house representatives didn't seek re-election. 18 democrats and 34 Republicans. Honestly we're going to have to see numbers in the triple digits before this feels like something substantial.

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The statement from prosecuters is really indicative of the arrogance and evil of DC bureaucracy. "Believe what I say, not what you see"

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If you haven't jumped ship on MSSM yet I dunno what to tell you. Not that I expect the FBI to do much with this; too busy investigating suspicious garage door pull ropes.

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One of my absolute favorite Trump clips. How many people would go into a room full of their enemies and tell them to their faces that they're corrupt? Real.