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JPM owns "Consensys", the company that holds all the patents to the Back-End of Ethereum (basically, JPM own and control Ethereum). Dimon has positioned Ethereum to be the global CBDC. His only competition is Bitcoin.

It is for THIS REASON ALONE that Jamie Dimon is so opposed to Bitcoin. Jamie Dimon owns the competition and he needs Bitcoin to fail for his business to succeed.

The former owner and current CEO of Consensys (Joe Lubin) is an absolute CBDC bull and WEF sychophant. He and Dimon make good bedfellows.

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"WW III + Pandemic II + Domestic Terror" all at the same time is their plan to stop the election from happening. Won't work. Too many people awake.

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I've been following E on telegram and he was pointing to the same date for the last 6 weeks. If nothing happens, then we know both are lame.

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I'm holding both Gold and Bitcoin. I hold Gold only in case the bad guys win.

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Trump made a deal to take out Qasem Soleimani.

The Iranian regime feared QS who, by that time, wielded more power than the clerics (they really did fear him) QS was one of the ruby-ring wearing Deep State global elite.

Trump took him out, the Iranian clerics vowed revenge in public and launched missiles that were aimed at empty desert.

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He said it was a Psyop.

He never said it was fake, or untrue, or just a LARP by some kid in his bedroom.

Q continues here: https://t.me/ETheFriend

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The Q-operation continues as "E" on Telegram


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"I believe it is a major psyop" - not a conspiracy theory.

Flynn is bringing focus and direction to what is important. How do you marshal the troops without admitting you're the commander?

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"Hydrogen Fuel Cell" is just a battery; and it's an inefficient battery, far less efficient than the typical Lithium battery you find in a Tesla.

The advantage to a HFC is you can fill up the tank with liquid hydrogen (just like filling up a gas tank), but the disadvantage is hydrogen is made by running LOTS of electricity through distilled water; this breaks the water molecules into their component Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. You need to produce a lot of electricity to produce the hydrogen, then use a lot more electricity to cool it enough that it condenses to liquid. When put into a tank, that liquid hydrogen produces a moderate amount of electricity in a HFC.

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The real hidden story is for months, Bibi has been trying to rewrite the Israeli constitution to strip the judiciary of its power and consolidate that power for himself. There have been massive protests and the country was heading towards civil war over this issue.

Luckily for Bibi, Hamas gave him an opportunity to start WWIII. No doubt he'll try and force through his constitutional changes whilst everybody is distracted.

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"What is in your DNA, who put it there?"

This phrase haunts me because I always picture it with "The choice to know will be yours, [end]" - In the Q drops, "The choice to know," always comes with a follow up "[end]" killbox that suggests this is the very end of the operation.

We know the vaccines reverse-transcribe their mRNA payload into your DNA (just like AIDS, this stuff inserts itself into your DNA). If that happened, if your life was set to be shortened, would you want to know?

What is in your DNA?

Who put it there

The Choice to know will be yours


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Argentinian election 22nd October.

That will be the acid test for the Cabal's ability to steal elections

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I'm in the UK and this story is being heavily politicised outside of the UK.

In Britain, the story is still politicised, but somewhat simpler; a girl with an incurable genetic disorder had been in intensive care for over a year. The doctors said IC couldn't do any more and she required palliative, end of life care. She died shortly afterwards.

The point being, she was in intensive care for over a year with an incurable illness. She was cared for for over a year; a whole year of treatment. When she died, people have tried to politicise it for their own ends. (and nobody was forcing her to stay in that hospital, or stopping her from travelling elsewhere for treatment, that just isn't true)

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What are the odds it only affects the vaccinated?

You know, the people who took the mRNA jab which reverse transcribed a unique genetic marker. Q warned us in post 4966. The question is, do you want to know whether you have it?

"The choice to know will be yours"

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It looks like Bitcoin was invented by the NSA, its origins can be traced back to this internal NSA essay from 1996: https://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/classes/6.805/articles/money/nsamint/nsamint.htm

The Bitcoin network was activated in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, but you can think of it not as an antidote to the 2008-GFC but rather as the antidote to The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America.

Obama had just got into the White House and the global elites plan had activated. Their long term plan was to introduce a CBDC with a social credit score, but the White Hats released an open-source Freedom Money first.

Thanks, NSA White Hats. Good Job.

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The first step is to forgive yourself.

Nobody will shame you for being honest, open and asking for help on this forum. I don't think anybody could beat you up any more than you're beating yourself up. Whilst you might call yourself a sheep, the fact you delayed as long as you could shows you weren't. They knew exactly where to apply pressure and they did it out of wickedness. The people that did this to us all made getting the vax a kind of IQ test made of trick questions. They used psychological-warfare techniques and spent a long time planning how to trick, cajole, force and terrify people into getting jabbed.

Forgive yourself. High Blood Pressure affects your health, but the feelings of shame and regret you describe are affecting your soul and spirit. Forgive yourself.

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Anti-histamines are over 100 years old. They bind to the ACE-2 receptors in the lungs, thus blocking the ACE-2 pathways from viruses and allergens. During the coof, there were some residential care homes in Spain that had zero covid cases because they gave their residents Benadryl everyday. This is probably the reason they want them removed.

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Maybe, but I couldn't confirm either way. What interests me is Q posted Hunter with a Porsche, along with the comment: "America’s Founders believed that corruption and foreign influence were among the gravest threats to our nation."

Q posts Hunter, with a Porsche, whilst talking about Corruption. Quite a coincidence for 2020

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I've always kept the door open to the idea that Pence is part of the plan, acting the part of a double agent.

If the goal was to "show the people", if the election was to be knowingly stolen, then re-litigated in court to show the people, then there is a possibility that Pence may be a white hat behind enemy lines.

Time will tell.

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My fear has always been that the Covid vax was PART 1 of a two part attack. PART 1 installed a DNA marker on the vaccinated individual, then a few years later PART 2 emerged as a pandemic.

We already know that every body who took the vax has a genetic insertion in their DNA, plus a weakened immune system against respiratory disease that uses the ACE2 pathway.

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