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But but fox News said ukraine won? How are they going to spin this? Just start talking about aliens?

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honestly, im shocked so many MAGA people dont get this....Brent Cates is 100% correct. Trump knows more than everyone on this board, and bannons war room combined

this women def has dirt on her he knows about and you/we dont.

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bio clandestine posted on telegram that russia and China are accusing Obama, Hilary, Biden, and George Soros of creating covid 19, and they have proof. this is the whole Media's reasoning for pushing Putin nonsense and war in ukraine

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i dont think hes calling him out....i think they are in this together. Musk is going to reveal that a huge percentage of twitter is bots, thus, tanking its stock price.

then musk, or perhaps Trump/DWAC buy it at like $10 a share

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musk will reveal that 50% of the "accounts" are fake/bots

twitter stock tanks to like 10$ and Trump/DWAC buy it....

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nunes just said Trump supported musk buying twitter....ie Trump was directly involved in purchasing twitter....deep state knows this, which is why they are going nuts

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lindells cyber sumpsium was not daming for a few reasons

  1. the people who watched it are the 5 or 10% of truly red pilled people (like you) so we didnt learn anything. it was heavily censored by media and social media so the normies wouldnt see it

  2. he was infiltrated by bad people (possibly CIA) and did a poor job screening them

  3. he didnt have the actual PCAPs that showed electronic fraud. 2000 mules has GEO tracking. among other things, that are irrefutable. FOX, Tucker, ETC will be forced to cover it....along with twitter, gettr, gab, telegram, and truth

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remember men in black? tommy lee jones loves the tabloids....and he says something like "go ahead, read the NY times, they occasionally get something right"

Tommy lee jones is Q confirmed?

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This, it's the CIA. They are the pitbulls of the new world order

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remember when the doomers all said Youkin was deep state and thats the only reason he won???

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this is why i dont trust this story at face value. Prince (betsy Devos brother) is on Trumps team i believe. but someone in this thread said he sold blackwater and its now just a CIA front

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