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Uhhh you spelled cohencidence wrong...

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Wow I never thought about it that way, makes sense that it is just a form of bribery. I bet it doesn't hurt that in someway it leads sheep to baaah at their doctor for whatever they saw on TV, too bad those sheep aren't smart enough to hear all the side effects and say "WTF!?!"

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It's just a cohencidence. All goyim just need to move along or you are antisemitic!

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June 9th is supposedly when the petrodollar ended, Saudi Arabia may now accept other currencies for oil purchases. Now begins the collapse.

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It's crazy that June 9th is the day the petrodollar is set to end....

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What if the recent reports that Iran acquired nuclear weapons was in response to Iran making a big move acquiring or taking out a significant chunk of cabal blackmail or child trafficking operations and this was a hit in response to this with the convenient cover story that it must have been Israel for jewish reasons 🧐

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Exactly, why is DHS running this op and not the FBI??

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What a signature line... Clearly tells you whats going on!

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Its just a cohencidence goy, enjoy your libertarian icon while you have him!

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Hmmmm seems like some greasy palms

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Detroit was a suspiciously different team in the second half of the KC game. RIGGED AND ROBBED

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