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Bluster? Check the ruble/dollar ratio trend.

There's some bluster for you.

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This is my experience too.

Anyone got any good recommendations for an auto + homeowner's company in the midwest?

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What the CDC saya is nothing more than what they say. It has NO force. The CDC has no authority over the people. NONE.

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Does this include all the little kids in the children's cancer wards?

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Personal note - Graduated from Detroit's Thomas M. Cooley High School in 1959; Was an excellent high school - back then.

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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory . . .

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Anyone who thinks the cards are stacked against Flynn and the dice are loaded government dice is forgetting that Lt. Gen. Flynn "knows where the bodies are buried". A lot of those bodies are DOJ bodies.

DOJ may regard $50 million as cheap.

Then there is the Arkancide factor. Flynn is demonstrating his well-known great courage.

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Unvaxed and have never masked but want elective repair of traumatic injury. Have been putting it off for a couple years for these reasons. Going to wait until this business is past.

They put rGO in local anesthetics so any surgery puts us at risk.

Does anyone know an effective way to completely avoid the contamination risk and still have surgery?

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That's an actor - same like joe is.

It's a movie, like on tv?

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Retired so not in the job market but think you're correct about a major period of dying coming to the planet.

If an antidote is not found for the vaccine-poisons it looks to me as though a 50% of world population sudden mortality (during about one year or so) is probable. It has begun and billions of people were vaccinated and boosted.





Liposomal vitamin C






Vitamin D

Keto diet

One meal a day

Trace minerals

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They got JFK so no one is out of reach. EM knows that.

I think Elon has moved to embrace the Patriot vision and therefore is in some real danger.

His genius makes his case particularly complex.

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If the position of the worshiper is separate from the worshiped it demeans both.

If the worshiper does not hold himself separate from what he worships then his acts cannot be considered worship. Such acts become communion - realization of oneness with the devine whole.

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When what we hear from Tass via Xinhua has a greater portion of truth than anything the US government has said on the same subject - then we have some major problems in our country.

That said, have always had a lot of respect for Sergey Lavrov.

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Nina Jankowicz looks to be Gretchen Whitmer's uglier, more-evil sister.

Is this possible?

Too much alike to be coinkydink.

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Those guys all work for the global technofeudalists. Even the ones who are so stupid they don't realize who they work for.

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Good money drives out bad.

One of the oldest principles of finance.

Adios too fiat money.

This is why DJT moved a lot of Fed functions over to Treasury. The fiat-petro dollar isn't going to be around much longer.

And I for one have been an admirer of Putin for something like twenty years. Lately my admiration has deepened a lot.

Waiting for Trump to let the Putin-like side of his character roll through the public consciousness.

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Market manipulation is NOT an obscure financial crime. It is a widespread method of wealth transfer from mainstreet people to the half-percenters.

Translation: it's one of their main methods to drive us into poverty and kill us.

Nothing "obscure" about that.

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Who owns Vanguard? Who owns BlackRock?

We the people.

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