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For many reasons this "typo" gives the strong impression of being an intentional replacement of one very famous name for another. Both names are neon. Neither can appear carelessly. Agree with Saggy.

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IMHO this comment thread has a fair number of shills trying to be thought of as skeptics.

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Happy to see this post which gets pretty close to the heart of things.

To further things we need to explore the relationship between contradiction and paradox.

While fundamental contradiction is not possible unresolved paradox is.

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The way I heard it . . .

"Here lies our friend, dear Jerry

With us he is no more

For what he thought was H20

Was H2SO4"

. . . but that was over 70 years ago.

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Me too. Used to like and respect Mike.

But now that the real Mike is coming out of the closet he's showing himself to be just another globalist shill.

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No it's not.

Carnivore is. Keto is a distant second.

Check up on the existence of oxalates and their effects on human metabolism. Keto is full of oxalates. A good source of information on oxalates is Sally K Norton. Dig.

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You're human, not Italian. Ask your digestive system.

It will tell you how it evolved over the last two and a half million years being carnivorous and not eating even one noodle.

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There's only one sitting president and it ain't them.

"BO" actually was never president, having been born in Kenya. "Biden" is now an actor. The "biden inauguration" clearly was a sham-scam tv event.

So, who's president? Looks to me like it's Trump.

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Side by side images confirm that "biden" isn't Biden. The inauguration was thirteen minutes early. There was a thirteen gun salute which is done for foreign digniatries. Trump took the football on AF1. biden flew in commercial. The resident never shows AF1 over CONUS. GITMO hasn't been closed . . . there's lots more.

So, yes, I think we're watching a movie.

However it's a bad dream of a nightmare horror movie in which millions of people are dying and being made sterile and having their economic situations ruined. So hold the popcorn.

This "movie" has too many tragic aspects for popcorn. Ask those whom tragedy has touched - if they can be found.

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Labeling prominently will cut the sales of vaxed meat drastically.

The Missouri bill requires prominent labeling. If every state required prominent labeling the vaccination of cattle and pigs would never get started.

The cuts in sales will be greater the more the public becomes aware that the vaccines are bioweapons.

Those behind this diabolical scheme will eventually be brought to trial or to tribunal.

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If they force us to hunt for our food I think that will be the crossing of the redline for enough patriots that it will trigger a major change in America.

It will be the deepstate/oligarchs telling us to our faces that they are coming to murder us and they don't give a damn if we know it.

That is enough to bring a major change.

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Our hearts are your hearts, yours and your childrens'.

Take some strength from those who share trials and never give up living for overcoming the world's evil with your own goodness.

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Yes. Research has definitely done its considerable part.

Now, the people with their hands on the levers need to pull on the levers.

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