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Really? I think about it all the time. I believe it is happening, human consciousness is expanding at an accelerating pace. We are evolving.

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Anderson Cooper says it in the included video. I remembered when the story first broke.

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That's an eye opener. Wow. That'll take days to just re-adjust your thinking.

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Yes, this is the average person I know. Do not doubt or question the narrative. Follow the crowd. No critical thinking skills.

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Always a great start to Sunday, thanks.

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There were some Reddit groups that had a lot of followers, Calm Before The Storm, and The Great Awakening if I recall correctly. The were shutdown by Reddit in early 2017. That's when I started taking this seriously. Then discovering Ghislaine Maxwell was one of the tops Minds of Reddit was an added bonus.

by mmtwo
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B.S. Link

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It was also a memorable Star Trek episode.

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I'm a nerd. Theme from Phantasm, took me a minute to recognize it. I had the disco version on a 12" 45 with yellow and red splash vinyl back in the day. Great use of the theme! https://youtu.be/i3ieQxm_M2I

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