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No discussion of this or the Pfizer documents showing their fraudulent testing to get EUA for the gene therapy clot shots

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The guy is a dumb ass for telling his doctor he gave his kids a prescription drug without a prescription. I don’t really feel bad for him. Don’t tell your doctor about facilitating your kid’s illegal drug use.

Also kids don’t even get that sick from covid so you don’t need to give them ivermectin so that was a dumb thing to do in the first place. I wouldn’t have called DCF on him but I’d definitely tell him he’s a dumb ass.

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Bringing your kid to a riot is kind of shit parenting though.

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I had this same conversation with a woman at work who has her pronouns in her email signature. She was defending the mask wearing saying it makes people feel safe. Facts not feelings Rebecca (she/her)!!

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She’s too old and fat to get pregnant so what does she care

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Lol tax dollars?

These fuckers are just printing dollars out of thin air. Tax dollars are a drop in the bucket.

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Homeschool used to seem like a bad idea but it’s seeming more and more reasonable every day. There’s a kid at my gym who is homeschooled and he gets to train at lunch time every day. And he’s on a wrestling team still with his local high school so he’s not a complete social outcast weirdo.

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No they just take ivermectin

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Pete Buttplug lol that guy is such a fag