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A simple rule to make life easier


         Stupid places
        At stupid times
     With stupid people
    Doing stupid things
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Genuinely talented comedians don't find the need to resort to using profanity in every sentence.

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I wonder who the proud parents of the vaccinated child are, they must feel so woke, and so proud to be following the science.

I am finished with diplomacy and tactfulness. We are at the point where this is willful stupidity.

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Many, many Darwin awards in the making. Suicide by stupid.

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And the inside is indescribably more grotesque than the outside.

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Yeah, we shoulda been warned, getting clorox and an eye dropper now.

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I am not a master gardener, but I'll answer any questions I can. I have kept a garden for a number of years now.

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Masterful, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, true of the Trumps, true of the Bidens.

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This gentleman is the Cyrano de Bergerac of our day,

My hat I toss lightly away; From my shoulders I slowly let fall The cloak that conceals my array, And my sword from my scabbard I call,
Like Celadon, graceful and tall, Like Scaramouche, quick hand and brain,— And I warn you, my friend, once for all, I shall thrust when I end the refrain.

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Piece of cake, couple of thermite canisters and you're in.

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IF you can find a lawyer to touch it, it seems that it would make for a class action lawsuit. One can dream.

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