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Haven't been to my dentist, optometrist, or doctor in 2 years. Occasionally they'll call and ask to set an appointment. I always tell them the same thing, "When you guys stop going full retard, and no longer require masks that don't work, then we'll talk about an appointment".

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They all need to be afraid, very afraid.

When the People Fear the Government There is Tyranny, but When Government Fears the People There is Liberty

                                                                    Thomas Jefferson
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Gee whizz, now I'm gonna have to go change my clothes, just sprayed coffee all over myself.

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They're just practicing inclusion, tolerance, and sensitivity, give 'em a break.

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Most likely a cluster diagnosis, that is, she tested positive for:

Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, HPV, Pubic lice, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Bacterial Vaginosis

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The armed American citizen is the last line of defense.

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It is a language translation issue. A direct translation of His name from Hebrew (Yeshua) to English would be rendered as Joshua. However, the New Testament was written in Greek. The translation from Hebrew (Yeshua) to its Greek form is rendered as Iēsous. When the Greek form of Yeshua (Iēsous), is translated into English we have what is familiar to us as Jesus. The direct translation from Hebrew (Yeshua) to English (Joshua) would be a more accurate rendering of His name. I really don't think He views this as a deal breaker. The important thing, I believe, is His Lordship over an individual's heart.

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Made my decision in 1991 when they had their first "gay day". The park was open to the public, kids around everywhere being exposed to gay "couples". I've never supported them in any way since.

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I did not intend in any way to detract from your post, but rather to emphasize what you said. They were cheerleaders/enforcers for the lethal injection, just as you stated. Now that the true purpose of the jab is surfacing, they are likely contemplating their own culpability in what has clearly been a genocidal agenda. Their silence indicates their realization of guilt.

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Unfortunately, they were complicit with what is going on now.

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