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This is a joke right?

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Do people really still fall for posts like this?

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Apparently 🤦‍♂️

stray502 [S] 0 points ago +1 / -1

No and hubby knows there is no such thing as covid. We both have that sore throat he went to the hospital because he couldnt stand it. I told him to ask for ivermectin or at worst a prescription for a good medicine that fixes a sore throat. They would not give it to him. He took it anyway so doesnt matter now.

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Betting he'll soon again be ill

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Why the hospital?? That’s where every Covid patient was murdered. Every single one. None outside of any. So no. Get some salt warm water and gargle

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Old school. Works every time.

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  • Take ivermectin, No they are not the same thing.
  • Paxlovid is combined with another drug called ritonavir.
  • ivermectin has been around and proven safe, paxlovid has no human trials showing safety.
  • some side effects of taking Paxlovid seem oddly similar to Covid19, including altered taste.
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They wont give ivermectin here. Too late he started taking it even though I tried to talk him out of it.

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He can choose to stop. You don't have to take any of that, take zink and Quercitin, bio-available vitamins C, D that will be enough.

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Thanks, updated

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On the upside you'll be qualified for the class action lawsuit in a couple of years.

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He can still take the horse past. I am currently taking the unflavored horse paste, yuck, every other day for pneumonia after breaking my ribs. It stops the gurgling in about 20 minutes or so, I start to get gurgles after about 2 days so then I take it again with zinc.

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blackstrap molasses also

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NO! It’s made by Pfizer! I’ve lost two friends to that crap from hell and about to lose another!

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If he wants his breath to taste and smell like hot garbage for the rest of his life…

Sorry for The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2022/05/pfizer-paxlovid-covid-pill-side-effects/629772/

Litehouse 6 points ago +6 / -0

My family just beat Covid with The FLCCC protocol, including my frail FIL in his 80s. I wouldn’t personally use Paxlovid because I don’t trust the company that makes it. Too many people with rebound infections.

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Treat it like any cold or sickness at any other time before covid mania. Prob solved. Its just a sore throat? Lol

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No, don't touch it. I’ve been sick for over a week and went to urgent care, just to be told I have covid. Ive been taking Quercetin, Zinc, Vit C and B for 2-3 days, every 6 hours and I’m pretty much through it.

It started in my throat. I thought it was a head-cold. I only went to the UC due to the persistence of the symptoms.

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I am not a medical doctor. I cannot offer medical advise. I can provide a statement of fact.

The CEO of Pfizer was diagnosed with COVID. He started taking Paxlovid. He then tested positive for COVID again several weeks later. Do the math.

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I'm sorry but if you have been on this board for more than a week and actually fell for the hospitals BS then your an idiot. You might as well go vote Democrat. I know it may seem harsh.... but I'm really sick of people still not getting what the Fuck is going on. The more people that keep giving in for one reason or another makes it that much harder for this to be over. Makes me think of an old saying.... "those who give up freedom for security will get neither"

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It has a 40% chance of causing him to have covid again later (as it did for Fauci and both Bidens). It is pretty much worthless. If sore throat is his worst problem, get some saline nose wash and make a 1% iodine solution with it, 10 parts wash and 1 part 10% Betadine. Snuffle it through the nose, tilt head to let it drip back, gargle. Do this 2 times a day. I just had a heck of a cold and this was super effective.

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I had a sore throat, fixed it with 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 4 limes, 90oz of water and some brown sugar. Let it boil and drank it. Fixed same day .

Not medical advise !!

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We always did warm water/ salt gargle at onset— only been to hospital twice- to give birth (considered home births but my pediatrician dad convinced me to do hospital since I was 30-45 minutes from hospital with no midwives available).

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I think we should have birthing centers separate from hospitals with doctors, not protocols.

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Good one - a lot more homework needed your side. Am surprised you are unsure unless you are joking???

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I couldnt remember about that one in particular I knew I heard bad things about it. Never actually thought I would be in this position. We both got really bad sore throats 4 days ago and he couldnt take it any longer and went to the hospital. All they did was told him he had the covid that doesnt exist and gave him paxlovid. I tried talking him out of taking it but he wouldnt listen so too late now. Thanks though.

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I wouldn’t take my worst enemy to a hospital. Over a sore throat. Get some rock & rye in him. He’ll be fine.

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Gargle with warm salt water. Take a hot shower and try to cough up the gunk in the throat. Try teas, like Throat Coat tea. Or a tea made with lemon and honey. If orange juice stings like crazy, it might be mumps.

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Maybe it's strep? That does still exist. I had it in April and felt like I had swallowed broken glass for a week (had a fever of 102.5 for a day too). My mother kept telling me to get tested for Covid, but I knew it was strep based on the severity of the sore throat. Wouldn't go to the doctor, took some fish amoxicillin and bird azithromycin (same stuff as humans take) and got better in a few days after starting the antibiotics.

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I had this really, really bad sore throat version of covid. I have been way sicker with flu in my life and when my kids were young, oh well, I sometimes got a cold. I took two at home tests (negative). I was worried about being around my adult children who unfortunately took the vax and boosters. Then 3 days later it hit. Got it from the grade school kids who were not that sick and over it in a day. I had a low-grade weird fever, very bad sore throat, and knife like muscle pain. I decided that I would go get a free lab test and it came back positive. by that time i was over the sick stuff (only lasted for 3 days). Call my Dr. on day 6. Said to do whatever I was doing at home. Said don't call back unless after day 6 it got worse. I am NOT vaccinated. Took Quercetin/Zinc/D3/VitC, tonic water, elderberry and alternated quercitin with NAC. Still some nasal drip but my other pains were hurting back to normal levels, so I knew that I was getting better. It bugged me that a day after my test came back + that I got a phone call and text from DHealthServices about my + test/ Did not call them back. After 1 1/2 weeks the covid test finally was negative. I still though am very fatigued.

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ivermectin liquid worked for me, last year...tasted like crap, so have a chaser handy...just my experience...

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General rule of thumb - ESPECIALLY with COVID:

If a hospital is recommending it, you shouldn't be taking it.

Work on your actual immune system: VitC, Zinc, Quercitin, B6/B12

Stop taking Big Pharma crap, or be prepared to pay the ultimate price.

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A soar throat? Does he go to the emergency room when he cuts himself shaving too? I’m not sure I’d go to a hospital even if my head fell off. Good luck, maybe just get some cough drops.

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Last time I had a sore throat and bad, bad bodyaches and couldn't get the ivermectin from a doctor, we got the horse paste. It tastes awful, but it works great. You only need a tiny bit, there is enough for a 1200 lb horse in the tube. Not medical advice, just what i did. Should be able to get it at any feed store.

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SUNSHINE (vit D), GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES LIKE KALE, SPINACH (vit K and zinc), CITRUS (vit C). Never had the flu until the wu-flu. Have had three minor cases of it since. Thankfully Im not vaXXXed or bOOOted or it could have been much worse.

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Gargle with listerine gold four times a day.

Take: vit C (as many as you want); vit D,(10000IU); nascent iodine drops, (dropped straight on sore throat); aspirin (not something else).

Tonic water helps too.

Keep warm

Take hot bath

For online Ivermectin sources search this forum, unless you have a agricultural supplies store nearby - (horsepaste). Some vets stock it for dogs, too.

Online pharmacies where you can buy Ivermectin in USA:






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Of course if a doctor or hospital recommends something you should take it. What else would you do, research it yourself beforehand?

Trust the science you racist piece of shit.


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Hey I honestly thought it was a joke question. Didn't know anyone still trusted Pfizer or hospitals or doctors.

I've only had a sore throat once the last three years but two things I found helped a bundle:

  1. Steamy showers. Take more than one a day if you like. Also helps relieve headaches.

  2. Golden milk. Mix up ginger, turmeric, pepper, honey, cinnamon, clove, milk, water, and butter. What makes this work so well is the butter and milk cause the ginger and turmeric to cling to your throat and bring it long lasting relief. Great little mixture.

If you are unvaccinated Paxlovid is probably not the end of the world. It's the vaccinated that it is known so far to help least. Hopefully there are no long term effects but as others have stated at least in a decade or so you can cash in on the class action lawsuit.