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Lol. You have a windows operating issue. It shouldn't go past 100% as that would be 100% of what it's capable of... but windows sucks with math so it's happened before. Its unlikely a website has the power to do what you are saying unless you are using some sort of extention like hangouts by Google can make it look like chrome is taking 40% of a gpu.

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I am glad it was temporary for you.

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Exactly, you don't need to lie for the truth. In the end if you can redpill someone and you do it with falsehoods, then they learn that you used lies to convince them they will blue pill so hard.

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Exactly the images are high improbable. Someone either wrote on a paper or found paper he wrote on, and staged the images

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The above image is not real sorry please don't use images that have been verified a fake/photoshopped. I'm not saying he isn't a man, just that it's not appropriate to use fake stuff

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  • Because these "Republicans" and "democrats" are the same just controlled opposition. We wanted them to cap it. The establishment didn't. Trump wanted the cap, biden didn't. In the end the answer is always Money, Power, and Control. No matter what false party you choose.
  • Additionally they like to create bills that sound good, and 90% of the bill is good. But then sneek in TRASH legislation that has nothing to do with the bill.
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My rabbit holes are practical hobbies to learn. Learn woodworking, gardening, water purification, survivalist, prepping, etc. Do them, practice them, do them enough so that they no longer feel like a hobby but a job. Thats how you know you are somewhat competent.

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