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Why should I distinguish between libtards and morons?

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Wonder if she cares about the 60 million defamation lawsuit she is facing?

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My doctor told me the very same line right to my face. I asked if it was so effective then why are people still getting covid, he went on about 'breakthrough cases' like they dont count.

Im going to have a hard time going back to him, been seeimg him for almost 25 years...

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Liberals don't have to pretend to have Big Hearts now anyway.

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Looks like maybe the eyes are real, other than that I doesn't appear transparent.

I don't get the covered in gold thing. Hopefully the OP will explain.

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Heads exploding, I can hear them.

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Highest paid government worker in the US Government.

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Looks, sounds, walks, smirks, and snarks like a typical leftist

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I sat on a jury that had a lawyer very similar to this guy. Smug, snarky and comes off with the attitude that if you can't see what he does, you must be stupid.

Leads me to believe the cases he won before this must have been slam dunks.

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Because wearing a mask outdoors for COVID is like wearing a tshirt as a bullet proof vest.

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The headlines were 17 yo white person kills 2 at BLM rally.

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This means you LeDumbDumb.

Shut up and dribble, or just travel seeing that's allowed nowadays.

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Whoever this guy is questioning Kyle right now, WTF is his problem?

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