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They're getting a lot of support from the people, too. Some joining in their vehicles, others cheering at overpasses:


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Agreed. The question I think is, with things definitely heating up across the board across the globe, are we approaching the point where antifa is no longer needed to trigger violence. At some point, people will have had enough, and violence will be organic. If it's spontaneous, the elites should be getting worried. Once a whole crowd goes into rage, it's uncontrollable. And whether this was staged or not, the people are getting angrier by the day. That anger, together with their numbers, at some point poses an existential threat for the cabal.

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I don't know. I think maybe this trap was set by God. Not that He started something so evil, but I think He might have hijacked it once it was launched.

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70,000+ NHS workers said no to the vax. And they won. This is great news and hopefully the start of even more momentum against the mandates worldwide.

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I think a lot of people just hear the term Nobel Peace Prize so much that they say it automatically whenever they refer to a Nobel prize. I wouldn't say he "lied" to us; he just made a mistake probably a lot of people make. Good for you to clarify, though.

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I listened to Dave a long time ago, but got tired of him always making it sound like everything was going according to plan, and something REALLY BIG was just around the corner, and then nothing ever happened.

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So, there's no source/link to back up this claim which makes it gossip or very likely shilling to get people off DDG. If OP's assertion is true, he needs to provide proof.

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Of course he did. I'm sure the foreign press voters were falling all over themselves to show how trans-woke they are. Esp. since they are being attacked by NBC and many others for not being diverse enough.

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Phil G, who a lot of people on this board hate, but who tends to be right about a lot of things (such as yesterday's Supreme Court decision), has said, recently, twice, that Q will post again. He also said last night that the SCOTUS decision was the last "marker," meaning shit is about to get real pretty soon. No way to know if he's right, but there's a lot of unusual things going on, which it makes sense is the lead-up to big happenings. Fingers crossed.

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I am totally with you. He had a bad hand, and everybody in his life lost faith in him, but he refused to give up. He has a lot of guts, and he also, I think, has an IQ of 148. Definitely very smart, in any case.

I have reached the point in life where I trust my own gut instincts and not the opinions of other people. Especially these days, where almost everybody online has an agenda. I get a very strong gut feeling that he is the real deal. Nobody else has to believe that, but I definitely do.

I agree with you about Flat Earth. I just can't go there and wish he would put all that stuff in separate vids. But I do trust him on the political stuff. And he has very strong faith in God.

Thanks for your post. Really exciting that the SC ruling was the last marker! That means we could be seeing some BIG things happening soon. That's really good news..

More people joining - 711k watching now.

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There's lots of character assassination about him. You're missing out if you believe the negativity. He's got 598k watching now.

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Zerohedge commenter GrievingGOD sums the psyop up well at https://www.zerohedge.com/political/supreme-court-blocks-bidens-osha-vaxx-mandate

Everything about this pandemic is an obvious in-our-faces lie, and these lies are being used as weapons to take control of the world and end freedom as we know it.

Despite this Supreme Court ruling to not mandate poison vaccine injections into the arms of every man, woman, and child on the planet, our fate was decided and mapped out long ago.

The two biggest lies in the globalist's arsenal are 1) that asymptomatic spread exists, and 2) the false-positive-factory PCR test to determine if you even have COVID:


The vaccines' efficacy and safety are a lie:


The masks' efficacy and safety are a lie:


The media chronically lies all day long and are the abhorrent loathsome mouthpieces for this repulsive PSYOP:


They've lied by surreptitiously changing our language:


The reason for the lock-downs, masking, and the resulting economic havoc caused by them was a lie. It was never about safety, it's only ever been about destroying our liberty, supply chains, health, and wealth:


Our government has become a Frankenstein monster created from the merger of corporate, political, and bureaucrat criminals:


Everyone at the FDA who voted to approve the Pfizer vaccine for children should be put on trial for egregious crimes against humanity ("We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it."):


Meanwhile DARPA is totally out of control:


And in the midst of all of this most people are caught in a disbelief trap believing none of the aforementioned to be true:


They can't see that the entirety of COVID-19 world lock-down operation to "save" us from a virus with a 99.97% survival rate was a fake false choice from the start:


And so now, we have a One World Government At Our Doorstep that has been exploiting the scamdemic - and people's foolish willingness to trade away their priceless liberty for counterfeit safety - to gain a stranglehold on the planet:


We need to remind these people that despite what the government desperately wants them to believe, the government serves us. We do not serve them:


And with all of this going on, anyone paying attention to the supply chain collapse or the Ice Age Farmer's broadcasts knows deliberately engineered global famine is just around the corner:


And finally, brace yourself and get prepared, because Klas Schwab (Klas Vader) from WEF fame has declared an incoming cyber attack that will shut down power grids world-wide and make the current COVID shamdemic seem "like a minor distrubance by comparison":


I said all of that to say this:

They've mercilessly chucked us into a corner, and are making no secret of the fact that they are coming for our throats. We are cornered beasts at bay, and it is down to us or them.

One of our most wise founding fathers mentioned something about a fabled tree of liberty needing to be fertilized from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I would like to add journalists to that list, I think Thomas might agree.

233 upvotes (a lot for ZH)

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If you listen carefully to the whole thing, she's saying exactly that - no more bending over - it's time we say NO and take action. She's saying we have a job to do - to stop buying the bullshit and stop letting TPTB take our rights away. If she's optimistic, it's because she trusts the plan - like this: https://greatawakening.win/p/141EiVFzY8/you-cannot-possibly-imagine-the-/c/

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If you don't like it, move along, it's not for you. If you forget about the tarot part and listen to what she's saying, there's a lot of good things there.

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I would NOT do that! The potency is very similar to human dosage. I would check human protocols online which usually give a daily dose, then compare that against the dosage stated on the label for these tablets.

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I haven't watched all of it, but I have watched part of it, and had the same reaction you did. At this stage of the game, after discovering how many things we have been lied to about all our lives, I'm at least willing to consider a different viewpoint on almost anything, and wonder if there might be some truth to it. One thing we know for sure - the winners write the history books. You have to wonder how many things we grew up being told are going to turn out to have not been true. So I'm willing to consider alternatives, even if I don't end up believing them hook, line and sinker. Whenever there's competing versions, it usually turns out there's a little bit of truth on both sides and you have to sort it out for yourself.

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Lots of crazy stuff going on among some of the truthers, several of whom have been trashing Lin Wood and hyping the "drama" between him, Flynn etc. I take this as his calling out so-called truthers who are actually DS-controlled.

The man is fearless and no doubt DS is behind a lot of those trying to take him down. The dude is sick of it. That's my take.

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This is not fear porn Dr. Malone is the person who got the whole world talking about Mass Formation Psychosis - basically revealing fear porn for what it is. That was a huge service to humanity.

Now he is only saying that something "new" is appearing in China and there's no indication, just like last time, that China is telling the truth, or that it is doing anything to stop the spread globally. That is something that it's important to pay attention to. You can't use "fear porn" to try to stop people from paying attention when something might be happening. He does not try to induce fear, but is only pointing out that there are unusual things going on in China and states that it may all be lies.

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I heard a truther online say that oranges are a symbol between white hats (nothing to do with us) that something that was planned has happened. They're talking to each other as well as to us.

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